Traducción de load-bearing en Español:


de carga, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊdˌbɛrɪŋ/


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    de carga
    • The Hippodrome structure consists of load-bearing exterior brick masonry walls with interior steel columns and beams.
    • Recycled-plastic lumber is not strong enough to use for structural members, such as load-bearing walls, deck frames or floor joists, so you'll need to use traditional wood for those areas.
    • The building structure consists of precast coreslab floors and roof, supported on load-bearing masonry walls or steel frame.
    • The exterior of the Oklahoma City Federal Building is a load-bearing wall that enables forces to arch over any damaged portions while the wall resists lateral and gravity loads.
    • And just as importantly to masonry contractors, designers will be specifying more of their load-bearing walls as grouted and reinforced.