Traducción de loaded en Español:


cargado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊdəd//ˈləʊdɪd/


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    • 1.1

      (gun/vehicle/camera) cargado
      • Dropping a loaded firearm is not so much a gross violation of gun etiquette as it is an invitation to a lawsuit.
      • Give an unloaded firearm the same respect you would give a loaded firearm.
      • A fully loaded aircraft is capable of backing up a 2% gradient slope using the directed flow thrust reversers.
      • Ore was brought down, and both the men and the easily loaded freight traveled up in buckets suspended from their wire rope cables.
      • The only sure way is to have a gun on one's person at all times or a loaded firearm within very easy reach no matter where one happens to be.
      • He chose to go out with a loaded weapon and carry out a criminal act of armed robbery.
      • When a person carries a loaded backpack, the pack too moves up and down the same distance at the same time.
      • A nurturer by nature, Olivia parked him in the most comfortable chair in the parlour and disappeared to the kitchen, reappearing several minutes later with a loaded tea tray in her hands.
      • That goes double, or maybe to the power of 10, when you have a loaded firearm in your hand.
      • Unit Coal trains - both loaded and empty - will operate normally over the Thanksgiving holiday.
      • Each of the strong men is licensed to carry a loaded side arm and they do at all times.
      • She had never held a loaded firearm before and, although Carl had shown her how to load, prime and fire the weapon, she doubted she would actually be able to use it should the need arise.
      • I took up my loaded tray and sat down at an empty table.
      • There was no lunch lady to pay for my food, so, after picking out a plastic fork and spoon, I walked straight out of the narrow food room with my loaded tray.
      • No one was injured in a dramatic truck-train collision in La Broquerie late Friday afternoon in which a speeding train slammed into a loaded grain truck.
      • Showing that she could flounce significantly faster than she could take dictation, the waitress appeared with a loaded tray.
      • The 14-year-old boy was accidentally shot in 1994 by a friend who was playing with a loaded firearm he had found unsecured.
      • It came back to normal, but not before a passing waiter dropped his loaded tray in shock.
      • Just then, Mother was carrying a loaded platter of pancakes to the table.
      • Both men were charged with first degree murder, carrying and discharging a loaded weapon in public.
      • Pretty soon her three loaded bags became heavy.
      • The robbers responsible for the York Art Gallery raid last year were armed with a loaded shotgun and a loaded handgun.
      • Empty and loaded coal trains dominate the traffic that pass through Dutch since it is located on the northwest corner of the Powder River Basin.
      • The door swung open to admit Helga, a buxom barmaid bearing a loaded tray.
      • But the interesting thing, Jan, is that this is a state where you are allowed to carry a loaded and concealed weapon.
      • They were charged with theft and illegal possession of loaded firearms within city limits.
      • According to the NRA, the best form of personal protection is to be in possession of a loaded firearm at all times.
      • I must have been daydreaming about it when I accidentally dropped a loaded tray crowded with entrées of pork tenderloin and pasta Alfredo.
      • A loaded logging truck carries anywhere from 45 to 100 cubic metres of wood.
      • She was carrying a loaded backpack, which she easily slipped on over her shoulders.
      • Joan sighed, not really sure why she was so cranky today, and heaved their loaded shopping cart toward the refrigerated dairy section.
      • The common purpose is a willingness to indulge in an unlawful and dangerous act involving at least the presentation of a loaded firearm.
      • However, for those of you serious about taking your arm development even further, the use of an supplement may be the edge you need to turn your guns into loaded cannons.
      • They had attacked a group of Enemy soldiers without authorization, and threatened their guardians with a loaded firearm.
      • Never step over fences, jump ditches, or make other awkward or unbalanced moves while holding a loaded firearm.
      • Its clamshell design means an officer can lock up a loaded firearm.
      • Five minutes after we are off the tracks comes a loaded freight train rolling at a solid clip.
      • As they started to remove the body, a loaded firearm fell from under a towel that was on the lap of the deceased.
      • Bob turned, pointed towards my table, picked up a loaded plastic tray and followed her over.
      • They found a small quantity of cannabis in a bedroom before discovering £8,000, crack cocaine, the shotgun and a loaded pistol in the cellar.

    • 1.2(richly provided)

      to be loaded with sth estar repleto / plagado de algo
      • We join in on keeping the people poor and Western companies loaded with money.
      • They have allowed private builders to flout all laws and build for the rich and the loaded.

    • 1.3(weighted)

      (dice) cargado
      (remark/question) tendencioso
      • When an album's title is this loaded, and its liner notes promise a unifying concept, the lyrics had better follow through, and here they don't.
      • If you don't give an answer to a loaded question but instead protest its loading, sometimes you are accused of dodging it.
      • But when a girl asks you a loaded question of this kind, it's only natural to respond in like manner.
      • It's the most loaded word in art, setting the public flocking to galleries and lighting up dollar signs in the eyes of any under-funded gallery director.
      • How do the conmen work-sleight of hand; marked cards; switched or loaded dice, it's all here.
      • I laughed at Jody for asking such a loaded question.
      • If you ask a loaded question you get the answer you want, but your deduction from it may be unsound.
      • True, there are limitations in the survey method - a small collection of questions, often with loaded wording, with a small number of possible answers.
      • Those are all loaded words, Connie - maverick and ostracize.
      • She preferred the less functional and more loaded word ‘caring’.
      • A factory was discovered where loaded dice and marked cards were produced and a school for safecrackers was uncovered.
      • Playing against loaded dice and marked cards, the drunken soldier was easy pickings.
      • I pose a loaded question: Is he disillusioned that the industry has become more about pitches and trailers than the film itself?
      • There is little point in staking lives on a loaded die.
      • The loaded language is quite amusing, especially given that anyone can look at the response for themselves and see that it's entirely unwarranted.
      • In other words, half those elections faced loaded dice against any Northern Democrats.
      • The need for a cultural relativistic point of view has become apparent because of the realization that there is no way to play this game of making judgments across cultures except with loaded dice.
      • The casino also cheats, using loaded dice, and when Vaughn spots this the casino security beat him up and leave him for dead.
      • I haven't read the work in question, but this seems like a respectful way to talk about an emotionally loaded word, and how it got that way.
      • Then, when the Rock spots loaded dice at the craps table, he takes matters into his own hands, taking out the casino's Keystone Kops by himself.
      • We call this a loaded question in my critical thinking classes.
      • Yet it is very difficult to win when playing with a loaded dice.
      • I'm writing about another loaded word, one which people throw around on campus to stereotype, dismiss, and degrade their fellow students.
      • Could it be our plucky lads were actually playing with loaded dice?
      • Well, that's a loaded question you have right there.
      • The answer would be significantly different to the one given in response to the Department's loaded question.
      • It's as if ALP members accept the underlying premise of the Commission rather than view it as a set of loaded dice.
      • It's kind of like nature's rolling the dice and now we have loaded dice due to global warming.
      • But when he sees a dealer using loaded dice, he can't ignore it.
      • Roll the extremely loaded dice and collect your winnings by the million.
      • The situation is analogous to rolling loaded dice: one could, if one was so inclined, construct a set of dice where sixes occur twice as often as normal.
      • Leading or loaded questions are ones that appear to lead the respondent in a particular direction.
      • Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons: ‘What a stupid thing to do!’
      • The last-named option should appeal to those who are opposed to playing politics with loaded dice.
      • Brad used a loaded statement to make a flippant response.
      • I do think that his intention (‘agenda’ is such a loaded word) is distinguishable from the straightforward racists.

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (rich)

      forrado coloquial
      they're loaded (with money) están podridos de dinero España coloquial

    • 2.2US informal (drunk)

      mamado coloquial
      tomado América Latina coloquial
      jincho Colombia coloquial
      pedo México coloquial
      • The chicks that work there are hot and friendly, and you can get loaded with little cash.
      • That night, Jeff was a bit more loaded than usual.