Traducción de loan en Español:


préstamo, n.

Pronunciación /ləʊn//loʊn/


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    (of money)
    préstamo masculino
    Finanzas préstamo masculino
    Finanzas crédito masculino
    Finanzas empréstito masculino formal
    bank loan préstamo / crédito bancario
    • before noun loan account cuenta crediticia
    • loan agreement contrato de préstamo
    • loan facility facilidades de crédito
    • loan fund fondo de préstamos
    • The result of a lower sale price is a lesser amount financed, and this might enable you to negotiate better terms for your auto loan.
    • What bank provides the best value in fixed interest personal loans?
    • There's a lot of holding at the beginning, the banker must service and review the account throughout the term of the loan.
    • Many thanks to Arnold Clark Vauxhall in Pollokshields for the loan of our test car.
    • Thanks to Ian Philp Mercedes-Benz in Glasgow for the loan of our test car.
    • The term of the loan cannot exceed 20 years, and breeders will have until September 30, 2002 to apply.
    • Bassanio warns Antonio not to make the deal, but Antonio assures him that he will have nine thousand ducats a month before the term of the loan runs out.
    • Include money owed on credit cards and store cards, bank loans, hire purchase agreements and any overdrawn bank or building society accounts
    • And some schools make low interest loans or partner with banks that do it for them.
    • The terms of the loan were onerous to the airline and lucrative to the American bank, because at the time Ethiopia had a very adverse risk rating.
    • If he was prepared to mislead a bank as to his position in a company for the purpose of inducing a loan, I have reservations respecting the confidence I can place in his testimony.
    • The lower interest rate is expected to make bank loans cheaper so that the corporate sector can afford to borrow more money from banks to finance expansion programs.
    • Many thanks to Harry Fairbairn BMW for the loan of the test car.
    • A bigger challenge is consumer finance - the business of extending unsecured loans at double-digit interest rates.
    • The term of the loan is ten years, with a two-year grace period starting from the date of utilisation of each tranche.
    • It sells its own credit cards, home mortgages, consumer loans, and insurance policies.
    • Remember to match the term of the loan with its purpose.
    • In a range of institutions like credit unions or retail banks, personal loans can be arranged over the internet, by phone or in person.
    • Generally speaking, the shorter the term of the loan, the higher the APR.
    • Most French mortgages are capital and interest or interest-only repayment loans.
    • The SBA is empowered to guarantee some $21 billion a year in bank loans and venture capital investments to small businesses.
    • The first was whether a commercial loan made by the claimant became the subject matter of a ‘Quistclose trust’ by virtue of the terms of the loan.
    • You simply write a check and you've initiated a loan.
    • In the ordinary debt collection case, the court would be unimpressed by a claim from a debtor that he was unaware of his rights and obligations under the terms of the loan.
    • Because if you can deduct interest on a loan, invest the money, and earn tax-free profits, you essentially get a government subsidy for investing.
    • If you are constantly in overdraft territory, you should re-package it into a personal loan and obtain interest rates that can be up to almost three times cheaper.
    • A quick call to Young Watski who was luckily in the area secured the loan of his car for the rest of the day.
    • Managed financial systems allowed capital accumulation to be financed by bank loans at low interest rates, regulated by the monetary authorities.
    • The banks have done that by expanding their offerings of auto loans, life insurance, mutual funds, mortgages, and credit cards.
    • In all likelihood, the debt was incurred on Lord Petre's ‘iorney to Axminster’ exactly twelve months earlier, a year being a round term for a loan.
    • If heavily leveraged firms can't service their loans or borrow new money, that could bring China's growth to an abrupt halt.
    • If anyone wants to take out a loan, borrow money, or get something on hire purchase, they have to agree to a credit check being done on them to make sure they are safe with other people's money.
    • In that case, you must deduct the remaining balance over the term of your new loan, the IRS says.
    • Nowadays consumers even take out personal loans with banks and finance houses to pay for surgery.
    • Other longterm incentives are fixed incentives such as paid insurance premiums and imputed interest on reduced rate loans.
    • Experts have been cleaning the 13 fossils ready for display as part of the terms of the loan from the Geological Museum of China in Beijing.
    • They expect the board to refinance the bank loans next year.
    • Lenders prefer to tie the lifetime of the collateral to the term of the loan.
    • At its simplest, a car loan is a personal loan offered by a bank, credit union or finance company.
    • Car loans are simply personal loans provided by a bank or finance company to facilitate a car purchase.
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    (temporary use)
    may I have the loan of your umbrella? ¿me prestas el paraguas?
    • the book you want is out on loan el libro que quieres está prestado
    • the rug is on loan from my sister la alfombra me la ha prestado mi hermana

verbo transitivo

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    the bank is willing to loan $20,000 el banco está dispuesto a prestar 20.000 dólares
    • many sports clubs will loan out equipment muchos clubs deportivos prestan el equipo
    • to loan sb sth, to loan sth to sb prestarle algo a algn
    • can you loan me $20/a wrench? ¿me prestas 20 dólares/una llave inglesa?
    • The collection has been loaned by the British Library to the Bronte Parsonage Museum.
    • Increasingly people are falling for the creative way money is loaned unaware of the huge rates they will have to repay.
    • Some are on display in the Minster and others have been loaned to a museum.
    • If so, they must be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, given how many works they have loaned this autumn.
    • Sadly I never had one of my own but a girl on our road got one every year, and, when she had read it, she loaned it to me.
    • The couple loaned the tickets to other fans before travelling to Asia for a holiday in December.
    • The other day you gave advice to some poor chap who had loaned money to a bargirl and more or less said that he was foolish.
    • Residents have loaned photographs and recorded their memories of the extreme weather.
    • This could use any land to send its sheep to market - including royal - as it loaned large sums to the crown.
    • The Earl of Halifax, who has loaned it to Trafalgar Square, now wants to sell.
    • In recent years a number of local people had loaned artifacts and old items for display in the museum.
    • The nice people at the Animal Shelter then loaned me a pet carrier to take him home in.
    • They should not have loaned money to a man who was butchering innocent people.
    • We are very thankful to all of the people who have loaned us their treasures for the exhibition.
    • Home credit lenders typically loan small sums, with home collection of repayments - often weekly or fortnightly.
    • It's still not clear how much of the pledged money is to be granted and how much is to be loaned.
    • We have received some positive feedback from local people and a lot more items have been loaned to us.
    • It was displayed in the Houses of Parliament but earlier this year was loaned to the Corporation of London.
    • Family and friends loaned money and helped her to buy the former Muslim girls school.
    • Any future credits and moneys loaned will be loaned at a rate of seven percent usury.