Traducción de loathsome en Español:


repugnante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləʊðs(ə)m//ˈloʊθsəm//ˈloʊðsəm/


  • 1

    • If her perfectly ordinary physical activities are disgusting, her female body is loathsome.
    • As the heavy door fell into place he felt thud after thud after sickening thud as the loathsome creatures outside crashed into the building.
    • He's a considerably despicable anti-hero, and a more loathsome character is scarcely imaginable.
    • Previously, I've found him to be a fairly loathsome figure, the epitome of all that is rotten about the role of the spin doctor in modern politics.
    • We punish because the criminal act was loathsome and the criminal himself hateful.
    • The rest of the morning he flapped from nest to pole to river and back again, trying to rid himself of what was now a loathsome burden.
    • But then, of course, any protest at such loathsome attitudes is held up as triumphant proof of the Jewish lobby at its sinister work.
    • This sappy, sentimental, self-congratulatory awards show sums up much that's loathsome about America.
    • It was loathsome, it was disgusting, and it was a feeling that Laurel had never experienced.
    • On this bill, the governor's was the kind of calculation that makes him so distinctly loathsome a character.
    • Not a great surprise, and in all possibility a victory for freedom of speech, even if his comments were utterly offensive and loathsome.
    • We are simply asked to contemplate the appalling act and the nightmare that one loathsome human being can inflict on an innocent bystander.
    • Of course, not all unnamed sources in newspaper stories are loathsome or immediately suspect.
    • In any circumstances, such an attack would be loathsome.
    • But I never did find out what anyone found in her that was so loathsome.
    • It stands as an act of loathsome brutality in and of itself - fair enough.
    • Faced with this loathsome infestation, I realised the world needed to hear a different kind of voice - the dour voice of Calvinism.
    • I find the notion of the proposed boycott loathsome and frightening.
    • The judge had directed the jury to consider whether the material under consideration was repulsive, filthy, loathsome and lewd.
    • Racial prejudice is like having a loathsome disease though, it's something you try to cure, and hide if you can't cure it.