Traducción de lob en Español:


lanzar por lo alto, v.

Pronunciación /lɒb//lɑb/

verbo transitivolobbed, lobbing

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    (ball) lanzar por lo alto
    he lobbed the ball over her (in tennis) le hizo un lob / un globo
    • They expected us to do no more than to lob a few cruise missiles at a meaningless target.
    • As it was, he was caught in no-man's land as the Aberdeen striker lobbed the ball over him and into the undefended net.
    • Indeed, cannonballs were regularly lobbed into the water from the three reconstructed forts.
    • First of all, 1996 was a bad year to be entering the army, because China was lobbing missiles, albeit unarmed, into the waters around Taiwan.
    • These days people just seem to sit far away and lob missiles at each other.
    • We confidently rely on its theory and its data to send people to the moon, to lob missiles across oceans and to design thrill rides for amusement parks.
    • John was a great asset to us, just lob the ball into him there at full-forward, and he'd do the rest.
    • In 1996 China lobbed missiles near Taiwan during the island's first direct presidential election.
    • That would force the guys to really play shots and not just mindlessly lob the ball up in the air all the time.
    • Samuel made light work of this scoring opportunity as he lobbed the ball over an onrushing goalkeeper into the back of the net.
    • And then I shall start lobbing various projectiles at them.
    • Our leaders seem intent on lobbing cruise missiles like craps dice: gambling that the precise use of unprovoked force will effect peace.
    • Supporters of the system say it will defend against possible attempts by a rogue state to lob a missile at North America.
    • Suddenly, the green-and-white-clad morons began taunting the Thistle crowd, before lobbing missiles in their direction.
    • In 1998, North Korea lobbed a ballistic missile over Japan into the Pacific Ocean, claiming it was a satellite launch.
    • The red team should have just lobbed the ball over him at any opportunity.
    • We lob cruise missiles and I am not critical of that, but I think that has been the attitude - well they are not going to respond.
    • You could have read the trademark on it when I lobbed the ball up to the plate.
    • You're too close to the green to apply much backspin, yet too far away to lob the ball in as you would on a simple pitch.
    • I was a striker and the team just used to lob the ball over the top for me to chase.



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    globo masculino
    lob masculino
    • Latham couldn't believe his luck and gladly accepted the offer of the underarm lob from half way down the pitch to remind voters of Howard's cut and run strategy.
    • Are you slogging out a long rally with an opponent who returns your lobs with a smash?
    • Within seven minutes of the start Dalglish scored with a lob, striking the ball from the edge of the box without even looking up.
    • In the fall, he dominated as a wide receiver on the football team, grabbing lobs over hapless defenders in the corner of the end zone.
    • His shot lobs high into the air before landing short of Harmison at deep midwicket.
    • WG Grace kept wicket while Lyttelton bowled underarm lobs… and snapped up 4 for 19.
    • May twice scored by sealing his defender, catching a lob from Raymond Felton and converting a layup.
    • His desperate opponent returns a weak shot or a lob, either of which he puts away with careless bravado.
    • Al's return shot was a weak lob at the net, a shot that could be put away with a big overhead smash, the way a Gonzales might finish off an opponent.
    • Australia were amassing a huge score (Billy Murdoch had just scored the first Test double-century) when Lyttelton came on to propel his underarm lobs.
    • All that was left then was a deft lob over the advancing goalkeeper and the City goal machine had struck yet again.
    • Two minutes later David Cooke scored the best goal of the game with a delightful lob from the edge of the area that left Danny Hurst helpless.
    • The most successful bowler was, in fact, the wicketkeeper - Alfred Lyttelton took 4 for 19, bowling underarm lobs while WG Grace kept wicket.
    • Twice he failed to convert left wing crosses and then his lob over goalkeeper Malcolm Lottering hit the crossbar.
    • So he was forced to put the ball on the floor and shoot 8-and 10-footers rather than catch lobs from Cota.
    • Net-cords don't count, neither do drop shots, nor do approaches to finish short lobs.
    • In the slam of the night, D-Miles took the express elevator to the third floor to catch and jam a lob from Jeff McInnis on a fast break.
    • At the very least, they could have put in a position player to throw some lobs and let the game end somewhat respectfully.
    • Swift will freelance around the baseline, looking for lobs and offensive rebounds while cutting to the free-throw line to park the 15-foot jumper.
    • After a second kick, Isaac Kungoane forced a save from goalkeeper Simon Gopane with an attempted lob.
    • A guy throws me a ball from second base, just a lob, and I missed it.
    • Before, you could stay between him and the basket, give up the jump shot and protect yourself against the lob or the drive.
    • Eric had an exhilarating array of skills, back-heels, stylish flicks, turns and lobs combined with immaculate ball control and touch.
    • The high lobs were getting their big men easy shots or, at least, getting them to the foul line.
    • Olivera scored in the 23rd minute from outside the area with a lob which caught Atalanta goalkeeper Alex Calderoni out of position.