Traducción de local en Español:


local, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləʊk(ə)l//ˈloʊk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (custom/newspaper/dialect) local
    (election/council) municipal
    (train/bus) urbano
    I don't use the local shops no compro en las tiendas del barrio (or de la zona etc.)
    • he's a local man es de aquí (or de allí)
    • the local community los vecinos / habitantes de la zona
    • the local priest el cura de la parroquia (or del pueblo etc.)
    • a local specialty una especialidad de la localidad (or de la región etc.)
    • the local wine el vino del país
    • at three o'clock local time a las tres, hora local
    • here is the local weather forecast este es el pronóstico del tiempo para la región
    • a local call una llamada local
    • One of these boys who use the local train for their nefarious activities become the victim of a braggart.
    • The camp is open for all clubs in the area and hopefully the local club rivalry will be put aside for one week during the camp!
    • He said the sub committee would be comprised of local people who knew the local history and area.
    • This will take place at local neighbourhood level and through area or township committees.
    • Also, the council are looking at changing the signing for towns in the borough to improve local identity in the area.
    • It is hoped that next year we will do a full breakdown on the history of many local organisations in the area.
    • Just try and recall the poor people you have seen on the streets, in local trains, and in slums.
    • A journey with many stops, this is living life local train style, in less than ten seconds.
    • Many residents had lived in the surrounding streets before moving into the home which was highly regarded in the local area.
    • Possibly the local train may have observed something which may throw some light upon the matter.
    • The LA website supports the work of local authorities in driving through the education and children's services reform agenda.
    • The Park and Ride would also serve the new centre, attracting people from a wider area and boosting the local economy.
    • Domestic services in Kent will also benefit from the link with local trains using part of it from 2007.
    • You can get a glimpse of this by the way that commuters hanging from the local train will pull in a man running late.
    • In particular, the spread of housing in rural areas should be severely restricted to local need.
    • Take a look at some of the local areas where we polled strongly.
    • The company has produced greetings cards which include recipes made from food produced in the local area.
    • Pupils at a Bolton school are set to embark on a fascinating journey of discovery into the history of their local area.
    • We'll be forced then to re-evaluate our food systems and place more emphasis on energy efficient agricultural methods, like smaller-scale organic agriculture, and on local production wherever possible.
    • The climb is also interspersed by information from the guide on the history of the bridge, the city and the local area.
    • He will then visit the local schools in the area before making his way to Athy.
    • This ensures they get to where they need to be as quickly as possible, thanks to the police's local knowledge of the area.
    • The class ask her to fill in the gaps in the local history of the area, which is not always in the history books.
    • And in no way feel constrained if interest or circumstances confine your study to your local area.
    • One of the major factors in determining the price petrol is sold at in an area is the local competition.
    • We travelled to Goregaon in a local train and took a rick back to suku's place.
    • To that end, he has already visited the area to test local reaction.
  • 2

    • 2.1Medicina

      (anesthetic) local
      (infection) localizado
      • However, as it only appeared in the left foot, it was probably just a local infection which may have caused the man to limp.

    • 2.2Informática

      (variable/maximum) local
      • The files are on your local computer, and you need to upload them to the Web server.
      • Each group of cameras feeds into a local computer as well as transmitting its pictures to the monitoring station.
      • It looks for local keys, not over the Internet, and that's very much the point.
      • Set up a node on your local machine and use some test files to insert and request.
      • BT could be ready to cut charges that give rival operators access to its local network.
      • This is not a critical risk, as only people on the local machine may logon to this account with a blank password.


  • 1

    he's not a local no es de aquí (or de allí)
    • the locals say it's true los (vecinos) del lugar dicen que es verdad
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    bar de la zona donde se vive
    our local el bar de nuestro barrio (or de nuestra zona etc.)
    • Many drinkers are as likely to order an elderflower cordial as a pint of beer down at the local.
    • We don't care if you're the type of guy we could have a pint with down the local.
    • Pop down to the local for a pint and a sandwich and it means you're meeting somebody you actually like and the business can go hang.
    • And yours truly will either be celebrating like mad or crying into my pint down the local.
  • 3coloquial

    anestesia local femenino
  • 4

    tren que para en todas las estaciones
    • Everyone going to intermediate stops had to get off there and switch to the next local.