Traducción de local area network en Español:

local area network

red de área local, n.


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    red de área local femenino
    • The results of the test are saved by a local computer, from which the data is transmitted via a wireless modem or a local area network to a central server, where the data is then compared with existing parameters.
    • We want to enable the caching DNS server on our router but make it available only to computers on our local area network.
    • If you own more than one computer and have a local area network, you can can restrict who has access to what by setting the ‘share’ privileges on Folders.
    • And everything in the house, from the refrigerator to the microwave, is linked through a local area network, or LAN.
    • The clients access the file or application servers over the local area network, typically in a homogeneous operating system environment.
    • As far as computer networking goes, public wireless local area networks (public WLANs or Wi-Fi) are a simple idea, but the user authentication and billing is neither simple nor consistent.
    • Connect computers in an office, and you've got a local area network.
    • A computer program product for use with a computer system having a host and a plurality of clients coupled to one another via a local area network, to provide a multicasting of messages using a special command set.
    • The simplest of these backs up data over the local area network from the filer to a backup server.
    • I have a local area network in the house, spanning several computers hubbed together in the basement and up two levels to an upstairs office with another hub of three computers.
    • Wireless local area networks will connect the handphones to the IP phone network.
    • DVRs translate analog video signals into digital and compress them so they can flow efficiently on a local area network or wide area network.
    • From local area networks to distributed computing platforms, and now the Internet and intranets, the level of exposure has increased while disaster preparation has decreased.
    • Using the same protocol with similar functionality as in a local area network translates into simplicity.
    • VPNs commonly are used to connect local area networks into wide area networks using the Internet.
    • For instance, the proxy may be combined with a firewall to provide added security to a local area network.
    • A SAN eases the load on a company's local area networks (LANs).
    • On a local area network or other network, the MAC (Media Access Control) address is a computer's unique hardware number.
    • File sharing over local area networks has become an integral part of enterprise computing.
    • When the church installed new computers connected to a local area network and to an Internet service provider, the staff was astonished at how much its internal communications improved.