Traducción de local government en Español:

local government

administración municipal, n.


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    administración municipal femenino
    (elections) (before noun) municipal
    • He wants to see the government put more money into local government so that council tax bills can be kept down.
    • It changed the entire planning world and left local government to deal with it all by itself.
    • The Communist Party used to win all the elections and ran local governments.
    • These hold to account the executive councillors in the new form of cabinet local government.
    • Each worker has to apply for a permit from their local government to work in the townships.
    • Yet the tradition of unpaid public services is still important in local government.
    • It would be better to argue that local government should be funded entirely by business rates.
    • Congress, regional and local governments, as well as the state bureaucracy, were dominated by the elite.
    • Nationally, we are the second party of local government and run councils up and down the country.
    • There have already been huge votes for strike action in local government and elsewhere.
    • The State Council has told local governments to deal with the aftermath of the halted and suspended projects.
    • New Labour set up executive mayors to make local government even less accountable.
    • It is what leads them into a coalition with the Lib Dems when they get the chance in local government.
    • This group will consult with a range of Governments, local governments, and community interests.
    • He is one of those people who has been synonymous with local government in Auckland.
    • The local government is saying the workers will all have jobs, but says it cannot afford to keep the plant going.
    • In the current climate government and local government has to be honest and open.
    • This is not going to be an easy hurdle for local government to come to terms with.
    • Together they decide to set up an internet company to make money out of local government.