Traducción de localize en Español:


localizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊkəˌlaɪz//ˈləʊk(ə)lʌɪz/

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    (inflammation/infection) localizar
    • Fever may be a marker of sepsis, localized infection, occult bacteremia, or benign illness.
    • TPE will allow photodynamic therapy with highly localized light dosage.
    • All 50 real lesions were successfully localized in three dimensions using this technique.
    • In elderly patients, localized tenderness may be the only presenting sign; pain and fever may be absent.
    • Treatment with this drug should not be initiated in patients with active infections including chronic or localized infections.
    • The pain elicited on palpation of a tender point is localized to the area under palpation and does not elicit a jump or twitch.
    • These will ideally include a means to localize the abnormal glands preoperatively as well as to determine if the resection is complete prior to closure of the surgical incision.
    • A frequent dilemma is a limping child with no constitutional symptoms and no localized abnormalities by history or physical examination.
    • Electromyography, conducted three to four weeks after the onset of symptoms, can localize the lesion and help confirm the diagnosis.
    • The image-guided biopsy uses either ultrasound or mammography to stereotactically localize the suspicious lesion.
    • This suggests that immediate bronchial response to cat allergen is localized in the large airways.
    • Since the advent of antibiotics, however, most infections associated with cerebral abscesses are localized to the lungs and endocardium.
    • Additional treatment included localized radiation therapy to the operative site, without systemic chemotherapy.
    • Even in patients with more localized disease, systemic chemotherapy plays the central role in the treatment.
    • Many patients are diagnosed incidentally in the asymptomatic phase by plain radiographs that show localized enlargement of bone.
    • Persistent pain and localized tenderness is a key feature.
    • The disease is characterized by single or multiple localized lesions on exposed areas of skin that typically ulcerate.
    • If you have a very localized cancer and you are using statistics that include many people with a more widespread cancer, then that data may not apply to you.
    • Examples of this include insidious onset or poorly localized injuries, or both.
    • However, in 2 cases, although edema was present, there was no evidence of a clearly localized cutaneous lesion.

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