Traducción de locksmith en Español:


cerrajero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɑkˌsmɪθ//ˈlɒksmɪθ/


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    cerrajero masculino
    cerrajera femenino
    • Sunday was spent getting a locksmith in to change the lock, cancelling the cellphone and those sorts of things.
    • Engineers have been working until 11 pm and a locksmith is being used to gain entry to properties where the homeowners are on holiday.
    • These ranged from gunsmiths to locksmiths, farriers, nailmakers, hoop makers, and shipsmiths.
    • Bricklayers, locksmiths, carpenters and other skilled workers had their workshops there.
    • One day, when I knew she would be out of the house for hours, I unscrewed my door handle, took it to a locksmith and had keys cut for it so I could lock it when I wasn't there.
    • Indeed, the troops were stupidly instructed to clear the square, and in reply barricades were thrown up by incensed journeymen - cabinet-makers, joiners, tailors, cobblers, and locksmiths.
    • The urban landscapes of Ghana are visually punctuated with signs promoting everything from boutiques, barber shops, and beauty salons to locksmiths, lotto vendors, and communication services.
    • He has also called in a locksmith to change the locks on all the remaining vehicles.
    • He is drawn to the lanes of the city day after day, his camera capturing images of locksmiths, shoemakers, barbers, tailors and residents going about their daily affairs.
    • For some reason, he was reluctant to force the lock or call in a locksmith.
    • Lock picking is an essential skill for locksmiths because it lets them get past a lock without destroying it.
    • In the next section, we'll see how a locksmith goes about picking this sort of lock.
    • A modern version of this, advertised on the internet, is a motorised German device that turns the dial, trying every combination in turn, for use by locksmiths trying to get into a safe whose combination has been lost.
    • He lived in Howe Crescent, South Melbourne, Australia and was a locksmith and gunmaker who emigrated with his family from Boston, Lincolnshire in 1853.
    • The locksmith last week mentioned a product he sells for people who regularly lock themselves out of their house.
    • He was a locksmith and mechanical engineer and he had tools.
    • Or the day after Lou left for good and Bev hired a locksmith to change the locks.
    • He immediately ushered his staff from the building while a locksmith changed the locks.
    • The minister of oil and vinegar dispatched a locksmith to change the locks on the Registrar General door, and had the Governor General read the writ of dismissal.
    • Some insurance companies have links with alarm providers and locksmiths who may offer extra discount on the cost of locks or alarms.