Traducción de locum en Español:


suplente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊkəm//ˈləʊkəm/



  • 1

    (de un médico) suplente femenino
    • A total of 240 clinicians participated: 152 doctors and 88 nurses, including locums and those working part time.
    • Doing and repairing episiotomies was one of my routine jobs when I was a locum in obstetrics 25 years ago.
    • The three consultant obstetricians who work as locums at the unit handle about 20 cases each a year, which, by anybody's calculation, is not a heavy workload.
    • Umpteen years ago, I worked as a locum for an unwell general practitioner in another part of the country.
    • In general practice, locums who cover for colleagues on holiday or study leave are already being advised to report on any deviations from approved standards of practice.
    • In general practice, men are more prepared to see a registrar or a locum than women and seem to place less store on the doctor-patient relationship than women.
    • In reaction to this, the Health Professions Council said that a registered doctor may employ locums at his practice who will then be allowed to use the letterheads and premises.
    • The general practitioners in particular found it difficult to attend training sessions unless locums were provided, and training exercises sometimes had to be repeated.
    • Unfortunately, the dearth of registrars and locums will make implementation of a new system difficult.
    • Having been pensioned off in 1982 at the age of 65, he returned to general practice as a locum.
    • He acted as a locum when he retired and was a member of the local Probus Club, as well as being interested in cookery, wine, and history.
    • I once worked as a locum for the regular ship's doctor of a large transatlantic passenger liner.
    • After house officer posts he entered general practice as a locum and then took up a definitive post in the Markets area of Belfast.
    • It describes the current procedure for approving employment of locums who are over retirement age as a ‘rubber stamp’ that provides no safeguard for the trust or its patients.
    • He retired from the NHS when he was 65 but was his own locum for while.
    • For example, monitoring of particular subgroups of general practitioners, such as locums, assistants, and those caring for people in hospices, may be difficult if not impossible.
    • Restricting them to a 58-hour week could leave hospitals having to rely on foreign medics and locums to work in areas where they do not have specialist knowledge, the British Medical Association warned.
    • We excluded doctors not in training grades and locums who had been in post less than two weeks.
    • Other reforms by the government to try to restore public confidence in the medical profession include more rigorous checks of hospital doctors and locums before they are appointed to posts.
    • Not only did his organisation provide much-needed on-call services for GP practices, it also provided locums for hospitals, which at that time were short of manpower.