Traducción de locus en Español:


lugar geométrico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊkəs//ˈləʊkəs/

nombrePlural loci

  • 1

    lugar geométrico masculino
    • The catenary is the locus of the focus of a parabola rolling along a straight line.
    • The curve can be considered as the locus of a point P defined as follows.
    • Then the locus of centers of all circles passing through A and orthogonal to C is a straight line.
    • Where lines were not common to multiple loci, lines are labeled only to species.
    • Preliminary mapping of the remaining suppressors demonstrates that they define several distinct loci.
  • 2

    locus masculino
    • Genes at a locus that differ by mutations are known as alleles or haplotypes.
    • Individual alleles of three loci demonstrating high gene diversity were cloned and sequenced.
    • These data indicated that the cloned genes represented the genomic loci that were altered in the original rye strains.
    • The data included results of genomic typing at polymorphic loci at or near genes of the autoimmune inflammatory response.
    • The very large pine genomes are highly repetitive, and microsatellite loci also occur as gene families.