Traducción de lodging house en Español:

lodging house

casa de inquilinato, n.



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    casa de inquilinato femenino
    • In 2003, for example, the city considered a moratorium on new lodging houses amid neighbourhood ‘panic’ regarding the coming influx of students.
    • ‘Almost 100 per cent of lodging houses are student houses,’ explains Mike McKean, a fire and building inspector for the city of Waterloo fire department.
    • Unknown supply includes residences outside the definition of a lodging house, illegally operated lodging houses and houses where students live with parents.
    • This subsection restricts the supply of licensed lodging houses, in particular residential zones of Waterloo, which keeps rent out of equilibrium.
    • Part of the demolished area of Queen Street formerly contained a Ragged School and some lodging houses.
    • They had no other choice but to stay in a cheap lodging house and send someone to Hoten for parts and tools, even though staying in one place was extremely risky.
    • According to Chen-Wing, if the recommendation for high-density housing close to campus does not materialize, there will be more pressure on off campus housing - especially lodging houses.
    • Instead, officials distribute them to hostels and cheap lodging houses around the country, where they receive clothes, food, and a small allowance, on strict condition that they do not work.
    • This ward borders the west side of UW and contains the Beechwood subdivisions which are adamantly opposed to lodging houses and high-density housing.
    • A lodging house is a house where more than three unrelated people live.
    • Also likely to influence the race is the widely-condemned 75-metre city bylaw, which prohibits lodging houses from operating in close proximity to each other.
    • Citizens who live in lodging houses, apartments and trailer parks, seem to be systematically disenfranchised by the inaccurate list.
    • Some landlords endorsed the status quo, suggesting that there is no demand and that lodging houses should continue to be the solution to meeting demand for housing.
    • Then Eva, who had a room in the same lodging house, had suggested that Arturo might have the answer.
    • Over 500 hotels and lodging houses, hundreds of restaurants and countless retailers depend on the tourist trade in the district.
    • This is ironic, especially at a time when a proposed moratorium on lodging houses could tremendously affect where and how we live.
    • If more homeowners rented a room to a student the many issues around the proliferation of lodging houses would be minimized.
    • She would take what she could get for the property and move into one of the towns, even if it meant renting a room at a lodging house.
    • To offset these enforcement costs, the study suggested increasing the licensing fees for lodging houses.
    • As it stands now, lodging houses are overvalued and can charge high rents because they don't have to worry about any new competition moving in next door.