Traducción de logger en Español:


leñador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɔɡər//ˈlɒɡə//ˈlɑɡər/


  • 1

    leñador masculino
    leñadora femenino
    • It's a balancing act between the votes of environmentalists on the mainland and those of loggers and timber workers who fear job losses.
    • Giving loggers the timber they remove in exchange for the service they perform is not an improvement, Holmer says.
    • Tree by tree loggers are decimating the forests and their inhabitants.
    • A few years ago, the illegal loggers cut down trees on the outer fringes of the protected forest, but now they unabashedly cut down trees deep in the forest, he said.
    • She watched as loggers felled trees with chain saws, dragging the logs to a nearby river and then floating them to market.
    • By cutting down beautiful forest trees, the logger makes $20.
    • One shivers at her exploration of remote territories controlled by illegal loggers or narcotics smugglers.
    • Because of the slow pace and small scale of most of those lumber operations, loggers often selected only the most merchantable trees, leaving the rest for future harvests.
    • Canada only charges loggers for timber replacement costs in the vast national forests and does not take bids for the timber, as the U.S. does.
    • It is unthinkable that bureaucrats would tell Canada's farmers what to plant and when to harvest, loggers when and what trees to fell, or miners what ore to mine and when to mine it.
    • Many of the island's great stands of trees have been felled, and Indonesian loggers continue to decimate an area half the size of Switzerland each year.
    • That's odd for an Iowa farmer, most of whom sell the trees to loggers and raise resource-hungry animals or monocultured crops.
    • When a logger cuts a tree, he also coats it with spores that help it decompose.
    • Officials charge these loggers then set forest fires and stripped trees of their bark in order to get the death certificates required to cut them down.
    • It's about American tariffs on import of softwood lumber from our loggers up here.
    • Charter forests are already being condemned by environmental organizations as a giveaway to rapacious loggers who want to fell national forests.
    • For many generations, my forefathers have been lumbermen, loggers and mill workers.
    • She is determined to stop loggers from illegally extracting timber from Indian reserves and national parks and to put an end to indiscriminate jungle clearance.
    • Of course, the major objection would be based on the fact that loggers cut down trees.
    • Our illegal loggers smuggle the logs there and later our factories buy them from that country.