Traducción de loggerhead en Español:


tortuga boba, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɑɡərˌhɛd//ˈlɒɡəhɛd//ˈlɔɡərhɛd/


also loggerhead turtle

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    tortuga boba femenino
    • The second turtle, a loggerhead turtle, was taken in by aquarium personnel when it was still a hatchling.
    • Worst off of all of them is Australia's genetically distinct loggerhead turtle.
    • Early in the morning Jerry and I penetrated deep into the pre-sun depths and, turning a corner at the stern, came across a loggerhead turtle.
    • A loggerhead turtle, which has been carefully nursed back to health in a leading aquarium, yesterday took off for Spain where she may soon find romance.
    • Yet Europe's largest refuge for the rare loggerhead turtle faces its gravest threat: the drunken British tourist.
    • Both the green turtle, which can weigh up to 205 kilograms, and the loggerhead turtle are now classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
    • From the beach, we watch a loggerhead turtle swimming calmly through the clear turquoise water.
    • Fisher, a 150-pound loggerhead turtle, was released into the Atlantic Ocean in July of last year after being tagged by a satellite transmitter.
    • My research focus is on the decline and potential extinction of loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles in the Pacific Ocean.
    • The Atlantic loggerhead turtle is found in the waters off Canada's eastern coast.
    • Animal tracks, such as those of this baby loggerhead turtle, are most easily seen in snow, mud, or sand.
    • The biggest problem is Caretta, a large loggerhead turtle.
    • Both the leatherback and loggerhead turtle could face extinction within 10 to 30 years if international fishing practices are not dramatically altered, he added.
    • I did, however, enjoy an ancient loggerhead turtle festooned with remoras and a hogfish in its distinctive night camouflage.
    • WWF campaigners say the island is the second most important breeding ground for the loggerhead turtle.
    • Attracted by nighttime pool lights, a disoriented female loggerhead turtle finds its way into a residential swimming pool on Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida.
    • Here you can see the southern bald eagle and Atlantic loggerhead turtle.
    • She helped protect the endangered loggerhead and green turtles.
    • A female loggerhead turtle, the size of a wardrobe, hovered round their heads looking for a place to put down.
    • This is a specialized NGO, set up in 1983, with the main task to protect the loggerhead turtle in Greece.