Traducción de logjam en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈlɔɡˌdʒæm//ˈlɑɡˌdʒæm//ˈlɒɡdʒam/


  • 1

    (blockage of logs)
    there's a logjam up the river se han atascado unos troncos río arriba
    • The second is when Pacino first sees Williams and chases him across a logjam in the river, finally falling into the freezing water and struggling to resurface between the massive logs.
    • To get around logjams, around dams and around shallow places, they unload their gear and carry the boat to the next put-in; then they backtrack to get the gear.
    • About 200 years ago, a huge logjam formed in the Red River where it flows through northwestern Louisiana.
    • When you decide that certain feelings are too threatening to experience, you cut off your life energy in some way, just like a logjam will dam a river's flow.
  • 2

    the logjam which has held up talks el atolladero que ha paralizado las conversaciones
    • the political logjam blocking the bill's progress los obstáculos de tipo político que impiden el progreso del proyecto de ley
    • Each state, unsurprisingly, wanted to be the lead responder, and the team recommended that Hauer try to break the logjam and give direction.
    • He called for ‘full ventilation of the history’ and suggested that leadership was necessary to break the logjam.
    • The White House is dressing this up as some way to break the logjam in the peace process.
    • One reason for that view is that the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Arlen Specter, has been quietly building a strategy that could break the logjam over judicial nominations.
    • It would break the logjam that we are now trapped in.
    • Michael Cullen decided to break the logjam, and I compliment him on that.
    • Is consumer outrage about rising gasoline prices enough to break the logjam blocking an energy bill?
    • We have a lot of hope that we can use this bill to break the logjam and move forward on Social Security.
    • Attempts to break the logjam struck at the very root of republican theology.
    • Microsoft may be the first to break the logjam in a big way.
    • The poor sods in 1915 danced around every which way to try and break the logjam.
    • Private messages and other reportage also did not break the logjam.
    • One thing that may break the logjam is the ability to build a functioning democracy.
    • Although this step does break the logjam to some extent, it is not exactly a huge breakthrough in and of itself.
    • During that period, specifically in October 2003 and in December 2004, we agreed to significant initiatives as part of an agreement to break the logjam.
    • It is profoundly unlikely that any short-term means can be found to break the logjam.
    • Incredibly, all six teams in the provincial tournament finished with 1-1 round robin records, as tie-breaking formulas were utilized to break the logjam.
    • I think it will take a nonpolitician to break the logjam.