Traducción de loll en Español:


Pronunciación /lɑl//lɒl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    I found him lolling in an armchair me lo encontré apoltronado en un sillón
    • you can't just loll around / about all day no puedes andar todo el día tumbado sin hacer nada / holgazaneando
    • the dog's tongue lolled out al perro le colgaba la lengua
    • You know that infectious disease where you just want to loll around and get fat and not know what time it is?
    • These ‘children’ weren't playing Nintendo or lolling around in a sandbox when they were taken into custody.
    • I spent half the morning lolling around in bed with the windows open, enjoying the sunshine.
    • Across the way, several dozen handsome Somali men and woman lolled around the garden in formal suits and dresses.
    • It was a bit disconcerting to sing in front of people lolling around on cushions at first, but in the end it was great.
    • These boats aren't meant for the idle rich, who are used to lolling around on 100-foot megayachts while minions peel them grapes.
    • Now there is a great reason to loll around Starbucks, in addition to WiFi.
    • I thought about the good old days, when women did everything in the house and men lolled around in armchairs reading the paper and throwing their socks on to the floor.
    • She lolled in a swivel chair in an office building, looking out the window over the city.
    • Rick opened the door to find a teenage girl lolling about the overstuffed chair in the room.
    • I am going to spend the last few weeks before the big day lolling around, sleeping in, cooking food to put in the freezer - all that preparation-for-a-life-changing-event kind of stuff.
    • Isabelle and John write that they are keen to do plenty of relaxing, preferably on a beach, beside a lake or simply lolling around a pool.
    • We climbed the steep lane back to the Inn, pausing here along the way, and had a lovely lazy afternoon lolling on a hammock on the porch.
    • For the rest of the afternoon, I'd loll around her bungalow, which contained nothing of any interest to children.
    • Or you can just loll around Hafton's magnificent indoor pool with a glass of champagne for company.
    • Now that school's out, I've lost my free and convenient net source, and so I've been lolling around at home, getting fat.
    • Once inside the joint, you see girls with black-rimmed glasses lolling around the sofas, riffling Penguin classics provocatively.
    • You can't just loll around all day moaning about your head.
    • The twins were lolling around in front of the television, the man was reading the newspaper and the woman was doing some mild housekeeping.
    • Jamie lolled by the ticket stand, waiting for Marcus to buy his cinema ticket.