Traducción de lone wolf en Español:

lone wolf

lobo solitario, n.


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    lobo solitario masculino
    he's a bit of a lone wolf tiene algo de lobo solitario
    • On the other side, there stands the lone wolf: angry, powerful, violent, and unpredictable.
    • It was nice to help out a pal, but life is far simpler as a lone wolf.
    • This is not quite the same as saying she is a lone wolf.
    • They tend to be lone wolves who suffer marginalisation, branded (at best) eccentrics, accused (at worst) of being traitors in order to demean and degrade what they write and broadcast.
    • He changed from being a lone wolf, with only a Glock and a Bowie to keep him company, to being part of a team.
    • Germany's Free Democratic Party is the lone wolf in the defense of market capitalism.
    • ‘I wouldn't deny that I like being a lone wolf,’ he says.
    • This lone wolf mostly takes his own advice to heart.
    • According to Myrtle, George was something of a lone wolf.
    • In all these endeavors, Franklin, 58, was hardly acting as a lone wolf.
    • Needless to say, you'll be playing the role of an Allied lone wolf who, despite occasionally having comrades by his side, will always end up fighting ten soldiers single-handedly and coming out on top.
    • Some players prefer to operate as a lone wolf, others work well in small squads of two or three people, and still others would prefer to work in a large group.
    • You've met loss adjusters - they're the lone wolves who tell the insurers to settle your claim or not (fingers crossed for that flood damage claim, people).