Traducción de loneliness en Español:


soledad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈləʊnlɪnɪs//ˈloʊnlinəs/


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    soledad femenino
    • Soon I realized I was using his energy to fill the loneliness I felt.
    • He wept for his cousin, he wept for his loneliness, and most of all he wept for the only woman he could ever love.
    • Indeed, being alone in a crowd can give us a profound sense of loneliness.
    • But none of these figures can begin to communicate the loneliness so many survivors feel, even when surrounded by thousands of others just like them.
    • Marriage was the only thing her mother could talk about when she called home and somehow that set a raw edge to her acute loneliness.
    • Again and again loneliness and dissatisfaction would creep into my spirit when the parties were over and I was alone.
    • That sense of emptiness also can be experienced as loneliness or depression, two other top triggers for your overeating.
    • She was very happy of course, but the happiness was tempered by inexplicable loneliness and a feeling almost like envy, which she tried very hard not to feel.
    • Many feel desperate to return to city life because of the feelings of desperation and loneliness they experience in a countryside setting.
    • Helping to ease the sense of isolation or loneliness, talk therapy focuses on revising the negative thoughts and feelings associated with depression.
    • Support is seen as essential as victims may quickly develop feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety, withdrawal or depression.
    • Females who were taught not to trust strangers consistently experienced greater fear of intimacy and more loneliness than did those who were not trained to distrust strangers.
    • Nurses should be aware, however, that isolation may cause loneliness, stress, or anxiety in patients.
    • Elderly women score more favorably on measures of mental health and college-aged women report less loneliness if they live with pets rather than alone.
    • Crying is now seen as a normal male reaction to anything from bereavement to loneliness to a moving scene on television.
    • After the funeral, visits and invitations to those bereaved might help ease some of the loneliness and isolation.
    • A numb frozen loneliness came over him and overpowered him.
    • Does the applicant act out of an aching loneliness, out of a need to have and control a source of love and affectional response?
    • Hopefully my loneliness hasn't permeated my writing and bummed you all out.
    • What does transpire, then, is a genuine tale of loss, loneliness, and a wrenching longing for personal redemption.