Traducción de long-lived en Español:


longevo, adj.

Pronunciación ///lɔŋˈlɪvd/


  • 1

    (species/person/animal) longevo
    (person/animal/species) de larga vida
    his reputation has proved remarkably long-lived es extraordinario cómo ha perdurado su fama
    • her jealousy was too long-lived to be dispelled overnight sus celos venían de muy antiguo y no se iban a disipar de la noche a la mañana
    • It can be a little slow to establish, but once it settles in it is long-lived and easy to grow.
    • Considerate riding and respect will ensure villagers' hospitality is long-lived.
    • At the very least, it shakes up long-lived assumptions enough to spark some new thinking on the makeup of planets.
    • Historically my family was long-lived, and I had fully expected to have at least another 20 years of active life ahead of me.
    • Yesterday Aunt M. turned 92, continuing the tradition of long-lived women in my family.
    • These families of counts and marquises proved long-lived, and over time played important roles in different regional and urban contexts.
    • How much delay in approaching efficiency can be expected from the existence of long-lived buildings on most urban land?
    • The flowers will keep going until October on this long-lived plant whose only requirement is a good soaking when the weather is dry.
    • Researchers suspect these long-lived seniors are endowed with a genetic resistance to many degenerative diseases.
    • Sometimes, especially with long-lived plants, you may get to see very little of the result.
    • In addition, government cannot finance long-lived public capital expenditures with borrowing.
    • The birds are fairly long-lived and will be closely monitored to see if they will mate the following year.
    • In other words, these predators are naturally long-lived, but have a very slow breeding rate.
    • The trees, of medium size, are hardy and long-lived.
    • It turns out she's a month older than Mum - these Johnsons are a long-lived family.
    • The balance of nutrients in Japanese food is obviously not too bad, since the Japanese are the most long-lived race on earth.
    • The district with the largest proportion of long-lived people is the Jing'an District.
    • This is true of all long-lived religions, of course, but in this case the evolution has occurred at a stunning pace.
    • The inhabitants of this mysterious place are extremely long-lived and quite small.
    • Garden irises are hardy, long-lived perennials that need a minimum of care.