Traducción de long division en Español:

long division

división larga, n.


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    división larga femenino
    división desarrollada femenino
    • To find the greatest common divisor of 77 and 187 using the Euclidean algorithm involves the process of long division, which you might have first encountered in elementary school.
    • You can use the same algorithm as long division in decimal, but the values will go in either one time or 0 times.
    • She would not be coming back to teach the fourth graders how to memorize their multiplication tables, or how to do long division.
    • Do you even know the multiplication table or long division?
    • As a result of fuzzy maths, where primary students are allowed to use calculators and where basic algorithms like long division are no longer taught, many students are unable to do mental arithmetic or to recite their times tables.
    • Multiplication tables and long division are being being made simpler at a Japanese maths club in Warminster.
    • As your child's tenth birthday approaches, you could be trying to keep up with skills in long division and multiplication and enjoying the creativity of short stories presented for your approval.
    • The experience of producing laserdiscs was crucial to me in getting to DVD, because it was like learning long division by hand before getting to use a calculator.
    • The Babylonians did not have an algorithm for long division.
    • If you have a calculator or remember long division, you could reduce 1/38 to the decimal 0.0263 or the percentage 2.63 percent.
    • Her mother always reminded her of how she was doing long division when she was three and complex algebraic equations by the time she was five.
    • With those data, the interface might then direct the student toward help with long division rather than with multiplication.
    • How many schoolteachers could explain the rules for long division, let alone the algorithm for taking square roots, in terms other than the execution of a routine?
    • Today even basic math skills such as long division and the division of fractions are under assault.
    • Still, he is teaching calculus to guys who struggled with long division.
    • This more subtle observation cannot be appreciated without a minimal knowledge of introductory inferential statistics and the ability to do long division.
    • Now we have to catch a criminal plus do long division!
    • Instead, she used her concept image, which was based on long division.
    • We were learning how to do long division with big numbers being divided by two-digit numbers in math.
    • I actually read the backs of baseball cards, and learned to calculate batting averages before the concepts of fractions or long division were introduced in school.