Traducción de long johns en Español:

long johns

calzoncillos largos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɔŋ ˌdʒɑnz///

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    calzoncillos largos masculino
    • He stripped down to his long johns and wordlessly collapsed on the bottom bunk.
    • I have had to make a pair of shorts out of my long johns.
    • The drill is to quickly strip down to long johns, jump into the bag, then pray you won't need to visit the bathroom.
    • In only my long johns, I burrowed down inside the four layers that made up my sleeping bag: an inner cotton liner, a thick down inner sleeping bag, a thick outer down bag, and a heavy canvas sleeping bag cover.
    • I always pack silk long johns to put on under my slacks.
    • They pulled on their long johns, dragged out their lawn chairs, and hunkered down against the federal building's brown walls.
    • Time to get the thermal long johns out of the dresser and bring my thick socks forward to the front of the drawer.
    • I would have thought that a more valid reason was the difficulty in finding anywhere that sells white cotton long johns these days.
    • Sweatpants fit perfectly well over the long johns.
    • I even wear fireproof long johns for extra protection.
    • Here are 10 dates that are guaranteed to be fun, whether they be inside where its warm or outside where you have to wear long johns.
    • Eric was wearing long johns, leather boots, ski pants, a vest, a fleece hat, gloves, and a down jacket.
    • Everyone wishes they had long johns under their jeans when it's 30 degrees and they're about to sit down in the car.
    • All three boys were wearing bathrobes and long johns.
    • One can go further south from here but we would need heated long johns to keep us warm, and we've seen enough iceburgs for the time being.
    • These keen knitters create all sorts of garments including toys and even long johns!
    • Breathables do let the cold in, but if necessary the solution is to wear long johns under thermal fleece trousers.
    • The girl was walking barefoot, in her long johns, through the enormous room.
    • Despite that, kayaking can be a somewhat chilly pastime, as we found out, even though we were all wearing long johns.