Traducción de longboat en Español:


bote, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlɔŋˌboʊt//ˈlɒŋbəʊt/


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    bote masculino
    • Drawing near the schooner, a crew was dispatched overside in the longboat with a squad of marines.
    • Rounding the corner of the ship were nine longboats full of naval officers and ensigns.
    • Hadleigh looked towards the pirate ship to see three longboats full of men rowing towards them.
    • With the completion of the skeleton of the 35-foot long hull, the longboat has begun to take shape, exciting project stakeholders.
    • The sailors escaped back out to sea in their battered longboat, praying for rescue by a passing ship.
    • The longboat was launched before a crowd of about 500 at Town Beach, the cradle of history in this district.
    • As a result, longboats which could once take up to eight tourists were being forced to take only 4-5 passengers to prevent the boats scraping against the riverbed.
    • Every able-bodied man is essential on Pitcairn, especially for the island's lifeline, the longboats.
    • The enemy cannot go ashore there except in longboats, and archers concealed in the high grass can kill them before they get out of the marsh.
    • Abilene decided to climb a tree to see if he could see his father and fellow sailors going back to the longboat.
    • It just means ferrying people across the reef in longboats and waiting for the ships to cross afterwards.
    • Within moments of the 6ft torches being thrown on to the deck, the longboat was consumed in flames.
    • The bows of the longboat collided with the dock, causing the little boats to pitch and sway in a haphazard fashion.
    • The team was greeted by a longboat from the island with the traditional welcome party, and the majority of the island's residents were gathered at the shore to welcome their diving visitors.
    • Its capacity was far larger than that of the old longboat, and soon all other ports started using it as a more efficient way of transporting wine.
    • ‘I love you, too, David,’ she said, as the longboat reached the ship.
    • Kennedy and an assortment of repair men loaded into the longboat and made their way to the American ship.
    • We will take one of the longboats and try to find which little river they rowed up.
    • Rather than test the validity of those claims, the sailors quickly set back to sea in a longboat.
    • The loss of seven able men in a population of 47 would be devastating given they are needed to man the longboats that collect supplies from passing ships.
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    • A long sea voyage aboard a Viking longboat would be difficult for you, but you might be able to manage it.
    • The first maze - a Viking longboat - was created in 2002 as a way of diversifying the family farming business.
    • Once, he had sung for the Vikings as their longboats closed in on the Irish coast, his voice vibrating in the freezing air.
    • They were shaped like Medieval longboats, with arching prows in the shape of dragon-heads.
    • Perhaps their most glorious hour was when they discovered the hulk of a Viking longboat, perfectly preserved in mud off Anglesey.
    • The ships used to transport wine before the 12th century were longboats like the Viking ships.
    • Tall ships, small ships, pirate ships, submarines, rafts, and Viking longboats might all put in an appearance.
    • Still, by the time Wonka and his guests set sail, the fact that their ship is a Viking longboat carved from a big boiled sweet seems almost mundane.
    • Tourists could then be brought to see the original site by boat along the river, even perhaps on replicas of Viking longboats.
    • A Viking procession, a regatta with replica Norwegian longboats, and a spectacular floodlit battle re-enactment called The Challenge To Power will also feature.
    • Nordic warriors sailed into York in longboats on Saturday morning, before two key battles - Stamford Bridge and the Rout to Riccall - were theatrically recreated.
    • Thankfully these are not Norse raisers in their longboats, but the Royal Marines' new all-terrain vehicles, now being delivered to Corps units.
    • For example, during the park tour, the warden stresses that they did not come on Viking longboats.