Traducción de longitudinal en Español:


longitudinal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌlɒn(d)ʒɪˈtjuːdɪn(ə)l//ˌlɑndʒəˈt(j)ud(ə)nəl//ˌlɒŋɡɪˈtjuːdɪn(ə)l/


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    • Accurate time, which enabled seamen to establish their longitudinal position, was among the preconditions for safe and regular passage to Australia.
    • Official maps of Taiwan currently include only approximate data on the islands' surface area and topography, as well as inexact data on their latitudinal and longitudinal position.
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    (wave/incision/line) longitudinal
    • During walking, the epaxial muscles, organized into longitudinal tracts, function to stabilize the vertebral column.
    • The cuticle of the anterior margin of each segment is thickened towards the interior of the animal in order to form a pachycyclus for the attachment of longitudinal muscles.
    • The dorsal longitudinal muscles (indicated by arrowhead) are clearly visible.
    • The upper one-third of the esophagus is striated muscle, and the remainder contains inner circular layers and outer longitudinal layers of muscle.
    • Nematodes move by contraction of the longitudinal muscles.
    • Flower coloration is mostly tan, with some external dark brown longitudinal stripes on the sepals and lateral petals.
    • It also includes longitudinal and circular muscle fibers.
    • In Drosophila, the presumptive central nervous system is specified at an early stage of embryonic development as two longitudinal stripes of cells, just dorsal to the ventral mesoderm.
    • Campylostoma exhibits rather rectilinear lateral longitudinal ridges whereas those of Corazzatocarcinus n. gen. are sinuous.
    • This motion must represent contraction of both the outer longitudinal muscle layer and the powerful longitudinal muscle of the mucosa.
    • The body of the esophagus begins at the lower edge of the cricopharyngeus muscle and contains two layers of muscle, the outer longitudinal and the inner circular.
    • This rendering shows a sharp contrast between the tongue's core, comprised of the vertical and transverse muscles, and its sheath of longitudinal muscles.
    • This stretch is made possible by the presence of nitrergic inhibitory nerves, excited in a swallow, in both longitudinal muscle layers within this short segment.
    • In this work, seizures were monitored by dorsal longitudinal muscle activity.
    • The fibers of this thick muscle stratum all lie in the direction of the axis of the esophagus, making it, in effect, a second, strong, longitudinal muscle layer.
    • During the day, it has three dark longitudinal stripes that run the length of the body.
    • The opening of the pylorus after it has contracted may represent, in part, the dilating effect of the contraction of the longitudinal muscle layer of the stomach.
    • Interadambulacral contact facets lie beneath the ambulacral and overlie tissue depressions for the longitudinal muscles that lower the arm.
    • Since he had a differentiated ectoderm separate from the gut, and also had a longitudinal layer of muscle and bilateral symmetry, he probably had some degree of motility.
    • Reed's figures show surface ornament, but this consists of longitudinal rather than transverse elements.