Traducción de loose cannon en Español:

loose cannon

elemento peligroso, n.



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    elemento peligroso masculino
    • They are not controllable, and they can be loose cannons which can be very dangerous.
    • The establishment feared him as passionate and unpredictable - a loose cannon.
    • A loose cannon might reveal corporate secrets, give out the wrong message, or even open up the company to legal trouble.
    • She is considered a loose cannon by her crew, often unpredictable in a fight.
    • At worst, they could become a loose cannon in a dangerous political void,’ the source warned.
    • He's chronically depressed, sometimes suicidal, and a loose cannon.
    • She'd changed quite a bit since the days of her being classified as a loose cannon and an unpredictable quality on the field.
    • Then there is the loose cannon of the Juventus side, the unpredictable genius who gives them an ability to score from nothing, a player capable of becoming the best in the world, if only he can curb his dark side.
    • So, apparently, I was too posh and a potential loose cannon to boot.
    • He is a bit of a loose cannon and in a bank robbery mission he ignores direct orders to stand down and ends up accidentally shooting a hostage.
    • They're loose cannons, and despite our differences in lifestyles, we get along with them.
    • I was going to the gym every day, I was a bit of a loose cannon.
    • Europeans, cynical in politics and morals, think that this attitude makes us loose cannons.
    • He was a charismatic loose cannon, a leader with the makings of greatness repeatedly brought low by his own untamed passions and headstrong impulsiveness.
    • The last thing that the country needs is a loose cannon of his ilk.
    • The point about loose cannons is that they can be turned in any direction, not just that dictated by the party.
    • I've always (in my limited experience) found poker players at casinos to be engaging and chatty people, except for the occasional loose cannon.
    • Since his dismissal, he has become a loose cannon.
    • Blogs that mention work are the sort of potential loose cannons that keep PR reps up until all hours worrying about damage to corporate reputations.
    • Obviously we were all put on alert in case there was a loose cannon targeting skydivers.