Traducción de loosen en Español:


aflojar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈlus(ə)n//ˈluːs(ə)n/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (partially dislodge)
    (tooth) aflojar
    • I was unable to loosen the tight wire, it was probably a pliant clothing hanger.
    • His fingers threaded through her tight chignon and loosened it.
    • The wind tried tirelessly to loosen her tight pony-tail, but only resulted in removing a few strands to hang by her ears, decorated with gold hoops.
    • ‘Uh, thanks,’ Bella mumbled, trying to loosen her dress because it suddenly felt tight.
    • The officer swallowed and loosened his collar slightly.
    • With a last look that the door and windows were shuttered tight, I loosened my shirt.
    • She shook her head, before reaching up and loosening her hair free of its holder.
    • If the training collar is too tight, the pressure will not be relieved when you loosen the leash.
    • He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt.
    • ‘Okay, okay,’ gasped John, loosening his collar so he could get a better breath.
    • Next, he loosened the collar of his white dress shirt.
    • The girl to our right, in complementary pinks and peach colors, lifts her face as she loosens the tight black collar around her neck.
    • To balance the tension, loosen the tightest thread first
    • One should cushion the fall, cradle the head, remove glasses, and loosen tight clothes.
    • My brain slowly began to click into gear and I started thinking about loosening his collar and laying him down.
    • I watched him loosen his collar, and walk over to a stool where his violin case was, open.
    • He loosened his tie and undid the first button of his collar so he wouldn't suffocate.
    • He was reaching up to loosen the collar of his shirt when he noticed his mother and younger sibling coming down the stairs.
    • He puts down his briefcase, loosens his collar and falls into his leather chair.
    • She shook her head in acknowledgment, and went to Glory, loosening the tied reins.
  • 2

    (make less tight)
    (bolt/knot/collar) aflojar
    (collar/bolt/knot) soltar
    I had to loosen my belt tuve que aflojarme el cinturón
    • she loosened her grip on the steering wheel dejó de apretar con tanta fuerza el volante
    • it loosens the bowels tiene efecto laxante
  • 3

    (make less compact)
    (soil) aflojar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (bolt/knot) aflojarse
    (knot/bolt) soltarse
    • At the end of the holiday, I was starting to feel the knots in my shoulders loosen and my mind start to clear after all the drama and stress of the past few months.
    • Her head rested on his shoulder and her body loosened.
    • Holding the paper she let her fingers loosen, and she dropped it.
    • The attachment device of the control cover will therefore not wear, and will not loosen over time.
    • He pulled me into a hug, and I could feel the muscles in his neck and shoulders loosen.
    • Then, almost instantly, she let her shoulders drop and her body loosen, assuming a casual pose in the middle of the room.
    • With vinyl windows, avoid frames that are held together with screws because they tend to loosen over time.
    • Amy's shoulders loosened and Hart gently trod back to sit quietly by her side.
    • She held on and he squeezed harder, until she gasped in pain and her fingers loosened.
    • Relax your shoulders by taking a deep breath and then focus on letting your shoulders drop and loosen.
    • I stretched, feeling my muscles slowly loosen.
    • He saw her shoulders loosen and her frown disappear.
    • I felt my shoulders loosen, a tension I hadn't been aware of leeching out of my limbs as I sagged and leaned back into the attention, letting her hand tilt my head as she needed.
    • He waited for a reaction from her, watching as her back tensed and then loosen as her shoulders sagged.
    • Then, my shoulders loosened and my eyes looked grateful to the figure before me.