Traducción de lord en Español:


señor, n.

Pronunciación /lɔrd//lɔːd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(nobleman)

      señor masculino
      noble masculino
      an English lord un lord inglés
      • as drunk as a lord como una cuba
      • The noble lord spends most of his time alone and prefers not to talk about the four-year sentence he received for perjury.
      • For centuries the House of Lords was made up of old aristocrats, those who were born lords or ladies.
      • When the ‘great fear’ erupted in many parts of France in 1789, the peasants who revolted made no distinction between noble and commoner lords.
      • Had Arthur considered the pain that he should cause his knights, lords, nobles, wife?
      • All three of them were dressed up, wearing clothing designed for lords and nobles.
      • In the past, noble lords and rich men - when they could get a licence from the Crown - built themselves a living larder in the shape of a deer park with high fences and walls.
      • ‘I'm sure the lords and the ladies will be there but we've got a lot of farmers, shepherds and engineers from here who are going too, working people,’ says Ann.
      • There are nearly 200 knights, lords, and their ladies milling about, conversing, boasting, laughing.
      • There he established a committee of great lords and other nobles to co-ordinate counter-revolutionary activity.
      • I know that he, the two lords, and the lady live together as brothers and sister, but I know not their names.
      • In fact, those dancing ladies and leaping lords were the most expensive items on the list.
      • The banquet hall was bright and cheerful, full of nobles and lords looking dignified and regal.
      • Stirrings of trouble have begun all over the land, in mines, on farms, in the houses of noble lords.
      • War was messy, and not a thing for delicate gentle lords and gentle ladies to discuss.
      • The noble lord had gone to bed drunk, woken up an hour later, still drunk, and had convinced himself that it was breakfast time.
      • Both these noble lords ruled that no politician or civil servant was to blame.

    • 1.2Lord(in UK)

      lord masculino
      the Lords la cámara de los lores
      • the House of Lords la cámara de los lores
      • the Lords Temporal/Spiritual los miembros laicos/eclesiásticos de la Cámara de los lores

    • 1.3

      my Lord (to bishop) (addressing bishop) Ilustrísima

    • 1.4(in UK titles)

      Lord Chief Justice presidente del Tribunal Supremo de Gran Bretaña

  • 2Lord

    • 2.1(God)

      the/our Lord el/nuestro Señor
      • the Lord's day el día del Señor
      • the Lord's supper la Eucaristía
      • the Lord's Prayer el Padrenuestro

    • 2.2(God)

      good Lord ¡Dios bendito!
      • (good) Lord, no! ¡por Dios! ¡cómo se te ocurre!
      • oh Lord ¡ay, no!
      • the Lord (only) knows vete a saber

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to lord it over sb tratar a algn con prepotencia
    • I can't stand the way she lords it over us all no soporto la manera en que nos trata, como si fuera nuestra dueña y señora