Traducción de lordship en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈlɔːdʃɪp//ˈlɔrdˌʃɪp/


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    His/Your Lordship (of or to bishops) (su) Ilustrísima
    • At 4.00 p.m. on Sunday there will be a public meeting at which His Lordship, Bishop Lee will speak.
    • It is not appropriate for your Lordship to deal with that here and now.
    • Your Lordship's judgment has analysed in great detail exactly what the was, which in fact was not particularly clear when we came to draft the grounds of appeal.
    • There is nothing, in our submission, that your Lordship can direct appropriately today.
    • I will personally write to him with a copy of the judgment and indicate what your Lordship has told me this morning.
    • I am happy to be able to tell Your Lordship that an amicable agreement has been reached between the claimants and the defendant which achieves exactly that.
    • What I am hoping for here, your Lordship, is that, if one bill is scrutinised, why not another?
    • We are, of course, very concerned about that, as your Lordship will appreciate.
    • I gather there is no application for costs so would your Lordship please order a detailed assessment?
    • His Lordship added that it may be that these considerations would also justify a finding of negligence.
    • All these matters were outside His Lordship's terms of reference.
    • Would your Lordship order the claimant to pay the Secretary of State's costs?
    • Michel went on for fear that Jean would speak anyway, ‘I've interviewed His Lordship and heard quite the tale of betrayal and at times loyalty on his part.’
    • Your Lordship, it is a high figure and I think I must make submissions about it.
    • We attempted to draw your Lordship to primary documents that presented a fair and objective picture.