Traducción de loser en Español:


perdedor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈluːzə//ˈluzər/


  • 1

    (in game, contest)
    perdedor masculino
    perdedora femenino
    you'll be the loser (by it) el que saldrá perdiendo eres tú
    • the biggest losers will be the farmers los granjeros serán quienes se verán más perjudicados
    • Two outings ago he was denied a clear run and looked an unlucky loser.
    • The loser of the previous game deals the cards again for the next game.
    • If the game is as good as the league final their supporters are in for a real treat, and even though the losers in both games have one more chance no team wants to lose.
    • Repeatedly denied a clear run, he finished fifth, a really unlucky loser.
    • He certainly didn't want a loser's medal!
    • The team which suffered the most " wounds " was declared the loser.
    • Moreover, the victim perhaps even turns the table, and turns the loser into a winner.
    • A score in the opening 30 minutes may have changed the game for the losers.
    • Both clubs have managed victory in one of their opening four league games so tomorrow's losers will find themselves off the pace.
    • The team captains hold aloft the cup and together pull it apart to reveal two specially-made halves - in this game there are no losers.
    • The Conservatives and the Labour Party both emerged as losers in the European elections.
    • First, I identified traits associated with winners and losers of male contests.
    • The losers in the game also won their share of goodies too from the organisers.
    • He realised that a bit of synergy between the units could turn the losers into winners.
    • Now Chris has two weeks to turn a batch of fumbling snowboard losers into winners.
    • I also increased the fighting time of losers of contests relative to winners of contests.
    • Everyone is aware of the continual disconnect issue with losers of a game.
    • The winners certainly outpace the losers in this period.
    • One of the contest losers notices all this and sues.
    • Any who inflicted such wounds or dropped a blade was automatically declared the loser.
  • 2coloquial

    fracasado masculino
    fracasada femenino
    perdedor masculino
    perdedora femenino
    he's a born loser es de los perdedores de este mundo
    • Nobody writes an autobiography saying I was a loser, a failure and a fool.
    • The very notion of trying to sell Spanish cars labelled this man a fool and a loser.
    • Cleaves writes about desperate men, losers and failures, all from the perspective of a bar room raconteur.
    • You must be losing it by now, crumbling under my assault, failing like the loser you are!
    • I knew I sounded like a loser and a nobody but for once I didn't care.
    • Why does it make us geeks, losers, or freaks to know the characters, be able to recite some lines, and just love the franchise?
    • He saw himself in too many of the losers who frequented the bar they worked from.
    • Then, I can salvage some dignity by pretending I'm a cool artsy type who wants to be alone in a bar instead of a loser whom nobody loves.
    • I don't know how I could have failed against a complete loser like you!
    • I went into this room filled with losers and rejects of all varieties.
    • I married to save face and save myself from being called a loser or a failure.
    • Kathy fidgeted beside him, studying her nails, ill at ease among these obvious geeks and losers.
    • Unfortunately, though, that axe-dropping has only served to make Mary feel like a reject, a loser, a hideous thing destined to live her life alone.
    • We do not require input from losers and idiots on who we vote for in our own country.
    • As a result, blind dating isn't just for geeks and losers anymore (well, not entirely, anyway).
    • They assume that all the users online are psychos, freaks, losers, geeks, or desperate, as the internet has a bad reputation for deceit.
  • 3coloquial

    (sth unsuccessful)
    the project was a loser from the start el proyecto llevaba todas las de perder desde un principio