Traducción de lounge bar en Español:

lounge bar

sala-bar, n.


  • 1

    sala-bar femenino
    salón-bar masculino
    • He was just about to argue with the man from the council, when he realised he was all alone in the lounge bar of the Crown and Anchor.
    • However, the lounge bar was spoilt by the lack of a non-smoking area.
    • And on Sunday there will be a series of six horse and two greyhound races, shown on a big screen in the lounge bar.
    • Accommodation in the two-storey premises comprises a ground floor public bar and a large lounge bar.
    • Fifteen minutes later he emerges into the lounge bar, showered and changed, the sheen of exertion cleansed from his thick frame.
    • There is also a comfortable lounge bar and guest dining-room.
    • The pub gets busy on Friday and Saturday night, so if there isn't much room downstairs, try the lounge bar above.
    • The lounge bar has natural timber and stone finishes complementing the modern furniture and fittings.
    • The lounge bar is a popular meeting spot for fashionable locals, and has a long list of wines by the glass.
    • The bar is separated into a lounge bar and a club.
    • Cookbooks line the lounge bar at the Inn - it's just a shame they didn't put them to better use in the kitchen
    • The pub has a feature Victorian style shop front and comprises a lounge bar, upper floor restaurant and a fully fitted catering kitchen.
    • You will find a fair mix of students in the lounge bar, which has been said to resemble a student common room.
    • It includes a public bar, lounge bar, beer garden, a six-bedroom family residence together with forecourt parking and a feature ornamental garden.
    • When the conservatory opens, the existing lounge bar will vanish.
    • It can also sometimes be a bit difficult to attract the attention of the staff in the lounge bar.
    • Walk in through one door and you are welcomed into the lounge bar of a typical country pub.