Traducción de lousy en Español:


asqueroso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈlaʊzi//ˈlaʊzi/

adjetivolousiest, lousier

  • 1

    • 1.1informal (bad)

      (weather/food) asqueroso coloquial
      a lousy film/party una película/fiesta de mierda vulgar slang
      • we had a lousy time lo pasamos pésimo
      • that's the lousiest trick in the book ¡qué cochinada más grande!
      • he's a lousy driver conduce pésimo
      • I'm feeling lousy today hoy estoy fatal
      • I'm lousy at languages/spelling soy un desastre para los idiomas/en ortografía
      • I got a lousy $50 me saqué 50 chingados dólares
      • As usual, it's overwhelmingly the rich who get the pleasure while the poor put up with lousy services and fares which have rocketed since deregulation.
      • He is just making lousy excuses, as the previous Minister did.
      • Within a few days I felt lousy, weak, listless. I ran a low-grade fever for a few days, and my head hurt.
      • They were basically filling in for my absent father and were pretty lousy all the way around.
      • You enjoy seeing me suffer, don't you, you no-good, lousy harpy of a nurse?
      • Now he says the networks are doing a lousy job of covering the world.
      • ‘We only had one day of summer - the weather was lousy,’ complains Alex.
      • I was feeling lousy and sick and rowed as badly as I had at the beginning of the week.
      • If you get a little behind each day, by the end of the week you'll be severely dehydrated, feeling lousy, and riding poorly.
      • They are poor amid wealth and their living conditions are lousy.
      • It should come as no surprise that the result is a poor selection of expensive lousy telephone security products.
      • He even cried on camera during a pathetic and lousy piece of filmmaking.
      • In America, lousy jobs are increasing as top corporations are awash in cash.
      • What an awful show with bad acting, lousy scripts, ridiculous effects, and poor lighting.
      • His grades were awful, his phone bills enormous, his punctuality for meetings pathetic, his attitude lousy.
      • Do you think people are poor because of lousy educational opportunities, wildly unequal social conditions and layer upon layer of middle-class privilege?
      • To be honest, most of the times the script is really lousy.
      • But did you really expect I would recount my life after one lousy hello?
      • It's a perfectly good car, and it will serve you well when the weather is lousy.
      • Thus, the fight to improve lousy schools so that poor, bright children stand a better chance of getting to good universities on merit is utterly undermined.
      • Initially, customers groused about a grinding gear shift, poor air-conditioning, and lousy tires.
      • "You know I was feeling pretty lousy before you showed up in my office this afternoon.
      • I felt lousy this morning, and then I felt high on cold medication when I finally took something for it after trying everything else.
      • Of course, after that incident, she seemed less than inclined to go see those lousy, no-good idiots anyway.
      • So, I've feeling pretty lousy for about a week, a cold, back pain, the works.
      • I was late home tonight and felt really lousy with this head cold.
      • I think when it rains and the weather's lousy they enjoy themselves even more.
      • I felt lousy last night (stomach trouble) and woke up this morning with a head and backache, crampy and an upset stomach.
      • I came down with a cold the day Max and I flew out of Seattle, and I was very cranky to think that I was going to be sick and feeling lousy all weekend.
      • We have had a few lousy weeks of wet weather mostly.
      • No one has ever said to you, after reading the finished product, ‘You are a lousy writer.’
      • I'm really lousy at writing emails, as you can probably see.
      • When you cut your carbs too low, you may feel really lousy.
      • I'd been here three weeks and hadn't even bough one lousy souvenir.
      • Even while feeling lousy, it's hard to stay inside when the weather is so beautiful.
      • If we want to discourage violence and aggression in our country, we need to look at its causes and I doubt that all this anger stemmed from a few lousy films!

    • 1.2slang (swarming)

      to be lousy with sth
      • he was lousy with money estaba podrido en plata
      • the place was lousy with cops el lugar estaba plagado de policías
      • The New York Times editorial page is lousy with academic politics today.
      • There was poets' pub, lousy with drunks and soft with words, glittering with ideas and familiarity and mutual admiration.
      • The world is lousy with places claiming to be another Silicon Valley.
      • This town is lousy with cows.
      • The online job postings were lousy with start-ups touting their work hard/play hard philosophy.
      • The area was lousy with saloons, dime museums, oyster bars, minstrel theaters, and establishments promising women in varying states of undress.
      • The collection of pendant necklaces, shimmery bracelets, and delicate jeweled earrings in pale shades of purple, blue, and pink is absolutely lousy with girliness.
      • Every corner of this town, every street is lousy with associative action.
      • If I'm lucky, I'll see deer, rabbits, frogs, and find a treasure trove of the wild blackberry bushes their property is lousy with.
      • And the kid's neighborhood is lousy with cash.
      • In the past two years, motorcycle sales surged as aging baby boomers, women, and suits lousy with disposable income looked to capture a bit of the two-wheel lifestyle.
      • She was in a small, richly furnished room, lousy with velvet pillows in jewel tones, with deep gray draperies.
      • Granted, no doubt the military have long since cracked the GSM encryption, and more importantly the core network is probably lousy with official bugs.
      • Does the relationship between passive safety and active safety change when the roads of the nation become lousy with S.U.V.s?
      • In case you haven't noticed, Jack, the place is lousy with oak trees.

  • 2

    (infested with lice)
    (child/hair) lleno de piojos
    (hair/child) plagado de piojos
    • This camp was lousy with lice and fleas, and it wasn't long before I was as lousy as the rest of the boys there.
    • He was lousy with lice. If I hadn't hugged him he would have bothered me all afternoon.