Traducción de love affair en Español:

love affair

aventura, n.


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    aventura femenino
    romance masculino
    amoríos masculino despectivo
    • The end of a love affair can signal a new beginning in another part of your life.
    • It wasn't long before their working relationship had developed into a love affair.
    • His travels were inspired, in the beginning at least, by an unfortunate love affair.
    • She fell madly in love with one of my great-great-uncles and they supposedly had a love affair.
    • Johnny agrees to renew their own love affair and he and Gilda are soon married.
    • A tense atmosphere could envelop your marital relationship or love affair.
    • Her relationship with William was depicted as a love affair, involving many partings and returns from war.
    • This all serves to make the movie - a story of a love affair running up against a war - that much more engaging.
    • Much of the first half of this book is devoted to his love affair with Catherine.
    • Sexual affairs and one-night-stands are usually short-term and rarely become love affairs or long-term friendships
    • But their idyllic love affair is undermined by Nick's sudden and unexplained illness.
    • After an unhappy love affair, Brennan moved to New York where her real story starts.
    • Ralph's relationship with his mother is fraught, as is his love affair with Celia.
    • In a future authoritarian state, Winston Smith rebels by beginning an illicit love affair and plotting revolution.
    • They became intimate at New Year's 1960 and pursued their love affair for many years.
    • With his remaining time, Charlie visits his family and has a tender love affair with Alice.
    • Famous composers, such as those belonging to the Romantic era, weren't only passionate about their music, they were also passionate about their respective love affairs.
    • Police were also aware that the victim was addicted to gambling on football, and there was an extra issue of a love affair.
    • A woman is writing a novel about a love affair, or, more specifically, the end of the affair.
    • How could he possibly tell his parents that he was involved in a love affair with a married woman?
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    pasión femenino
    his love affair with opera su pasión por la opera
    • It was here that his lifelong love affair with European culture began.
    • For a true devotee, these hardships are just part of her love affair with the sport.
    • Glasgow has had an astonishing love affair with the cinema for more than 100 years.
    • Science, for Crick, was always a love affair with nature - a grand romantic adventure.
    • Perhaps more than most Europeans, Swedes have a love affair with big, comfortable cars.
    • Our love affair with fame is very bad for our health, and now science has proved it.
    • She has had a passionate love affair with dance, so much so that it has become more than just a hobby.
    • The foot fetish is hardly new - Asian countries have had a love affair with the foot for centuries.
    • During this time Peter learnt to speak French and this was the beginning of his love affair with Europe.
    • The Indian love affair with the one-day game began with their surprise victory in the World Cup of 1983.
    • Rich in Mexican culture, Tucson has long had a love affair with this powerful music.
    • Nationalism is about an intense love affair with the homeland.
    • It is 25 years now since I first set eyes on this painting, and so began a long love affair whose ardour shows no sign of abating.
    • Phil also had an early love affair with the computer and often stayed up all night.
    • Every major city has a love affair with the local sports clubs, no matter what sport is being played.
    • It is true, my passionate love affair with the English language knows no bounds.
    • I eventually bought all their albums and began a life-long love affair with Canadian rock.
    • First, there is no doubt that the American love affair with the automobile continues.
    • Despite a lifelong love affair with journalism, the job just wasn't going my way.
    • Hunters are particularly frustrated at the love affair citified folk have with deer.