Traducción de love bite en Español:

love bite

mordisco, n.


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    mordisco masculino
    chupón masculino Cono Sur coloquial
    chupete masculino México coloquial
    • You might want to cover up those love bites before breakfast.
    • All I can think of is that I'm probably going to have love bites in the morning and I just hope I can hide them before Kimi picks me up to take me into work.
    • ‘I remember dragging some poor unfortunate boy through the door who had put a love bite on Kellie's neck,’ Raymond says.
    • She would rather have faced the Devil alone then come to school with a love bite mark on her neck.
    • She was found to have a love bite on her neck, a split lip, a sore scalp and scratches down her back thought to have been caused by the fall down the embankment.
    • He placed a little love bite on my forearm and ran his hand down my spine.
    • When he pulled away, a shadowy love bite showed at the base of her throat.
    • Disgusted, Emma noticed the huge shiny love bite on Matt's neck.
    • Were you aware that a hickey is ‘a temporary mark on the skin… A love bite or similar temporary aberration?’
    • The court heard yesterday how the teenager, described as vulnerable at the time of the assault, returned home half-undressed, with love bites on her and unable to remember what had happened.
    • Sexual arousal tends to raise the threshold at which pain is experienced, and thus love bites, pinches, slaps, and other non-specifically arousing acts may feed back into the process of sexual arousal and enhance its intensity.
    • They were all females, and some of them had deep cuts from love bites, inflicted during their violent love-making.
    • While giving an erotic love bite pay attention to your partners responsiveness.
    • I worried about filming the next morning but Madison assured me that makeup can do wonders and there would be no problems with the love bites.
    • Don't give love bites: It is highly erotic to exert some gentle suction on the sides of the neck, if you do it carefully.
    • He said he gave the woman a love bite and went to sleep.
    • The ropes had scraped her shoulders and neck, while repeated clinches had left her muscles speckled with what looked like a dozen furious and random love bites.