Traducción de love life en Español:

love life

vida amorosa, n.


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    vida amorosa femenino
    vida sentimental femenino
    how's your love life? ¿qué tal de amores? coloquial
    • As a grown-up there is nothing worse than hearing your mother's accounts of her rejuvenated love life.
    • Don't let your love life mar your other relationships in life which are important too.
    • Now Anya's a little secretive about her love life, and the rest of us spend a lot of time wondering about what's going on.
    • Nevertheless, the endless questions about her love life infuriated her.
    • If he spent half the time he spends on his love life on the football training pitch then we'd be world beaters.
    • Well, my two husbands were the sum of my love life and both of them were incredibly loving.
    • Of course, while my friends seemed to be having great love lives, my love life was lousy.
    • Everytime stepmum and I talk on the phone, which isn't a whole lot, she asks about my love life.
    • I don't think it's because he doesn't like Matt but bringing up my love life in conversation is always a risk with Tom.
    • Why risk ending up the relationship when you're happy with your love life like this.
    • It centres on a young English woman who moves to New York searching for a career and, of course, an exciting love life.
    • If you want to establish clarity in your love life, you are going to have to figure out what you are really looking for.
    • Right now, her public profile has been sustained by revelations about her love life, and that is becoming a national joke.
    • So, fencing is good for the body, good for the mind, good for the dress sense and potentially good for the love life, too.
    • What things do you see happening for me in the coming year as far as my love life, job, school, family etc are concerned?
    • Recently my girlfriend and I began looking for ways to rejuvenate our love life.
    • She is up for almost any question, though she famously declines those concerning her love life and the father of her two sons.
    • As for her own love life, it takes a turn of the better when she meets a handsome stranger while shopping in Rome.
    • Jupiter is now in his Moon which is a strong sign that his love life will soon be back on course.
    • This Jamaican woman felt that her love life was slipping because her husband had no more interest in sex.