Traducción de lovely en Español:


precioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləvli//ˈlʌvli/

adjetivoloveliest, lovelier

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    (face/voice/hair/figure) precioso
    (face/figure/hair/voice) bonito
    (figure/face/hair/voice) lindo América Latina
    (person/nature) encantador
    (nature/person) amoroso América Latina
    what a lovely house! ¡qué casa más preciosa / más bonita!
    • some of the loveliest verses in English literature algunos de los versos más hermosos de la literatura inglesa
    • what a lovely baby! ¡qué niño más rico / mono!
    • the weather was lovely hacía un tiempo buenísimo / precioso
    • we had a lovely time lo pasamos estupendo / muy bien
    • this soup is lovely esta sopa está riquísima / buenísima
    • it was lovely to see them again fue un gran placer volver a verlos
    • However, I will often look at an article that my lovely wife recommends.
    • She realised that now, confronted with this vast expanse of lovely, beautiful space.
    • Again this sounds absolutely lovely, but who would end up paying for it in practice?
    • Many lovely images were produced and participants were delighted with their craft work.
    • I especially enjoyed the train trip and the company of lovely people in the group.
    • The cabins were located on the side of hill with lots of deck room, clean amenities inside and lovely views.
    • We have indulged in some mountain biking and hiking here which is always rewarded with lovely views.
    • I was working with a really lovely girl who I get on with really well.
    • When I rang a few days later she was having a lovely time, marvelling particularly about the scenery.
    • He could see that Carmen had indeed been quite lovely a couple decades earlier.
    • My, don't you look absolutely lovely in that dress.
    • The rooms are all comfortable, with lovely views out over Perthshire and down to the loch that gives the hotel its name.
    • They were eating mangoes, which smelled lovely, and I said as much.
    • I had a lovely evening with some tasty food, delicious wine and entertaining company.
    • Night fell swiftly and the moon smiled upon the plantation that lovely August evening.
    • This was a very enjoyable experience for the choir and a lovely way to start Christmas Week.
    • Despite all this, the cookies tasted lovely.
    • The sun had set, and the sky was that lovely shade of blue between twilight and true night.
    • I'm going to see him, and some other lovely people, and I'm really very excited.
    • There is nothing more enjoyable than playing on a well-kept grass court on a lovely day.
    • He had taken a lovely, sweet, beautiful girl and hurt her terribly, all in the name of revenge.
    • Friday was a lovely day, and this route seemed so pleasant that I though it would be nice to walk into town this way on Saturday.
    • It fit the bill perfectly and we had a lovely evening with wonderful food.
    • Plus, his shirt was nice and warm, like flannel, and it smelled lovely.
    • She's lovely in person, but her speeches are a bit boring if you ask me.
    • This addition to the lake will add much to the area and will attract more people to view its lovely scenery.
    • Even when she was sick, Hector decided she looked quite lovely.
    • He's always telling me how lovely Paris is and how it hardly ever rains there.
    • Those who made the effort to come along enjoyed a lovely meal and an enjoyable night.
    • Emma is a really lovely girl, always smiling.
    • It's in a fantastic location on the coast, with sea-views out of one side, and views over a lovely lake from the other.
    • And there it is, lovely to behold.
    • I watch their shows and they don't do anything to suggest that they're anything other than lovely people.
    • It may not be four star like the one in Berlin, but it's a great deal nicer with a lovely view over the lake at breakfast.
    • The building looks lovely at the moment.
    • The weather was lovely and an enjoyable time was had by all who participated.
    • I admit to having a crush on him - he has the most gorgeous brown eyes, a wonderful smile and a lovely sense of humour.
    • Now he had a very lovely lady on his arm.
    • Her eyes squint and her lips pulse making her laugh even more lovely to hear.
    • Out back there was a lovely big garden with an orchard and a greenhouse.
  • 2Britanico

    it was lovely and warm by the fire se estaba muy calentito / a gusto junto al fuego
    • the coffee was lovely and strong el café estaba bien fuerte, riquísimo

nombrePlural lovelies


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    belleza femenino
    • This is the place to spot the label-clad lovelies sipping their brandy sours, often accompanied by half of the racing drivers on the Formula One circuit.
    • Surrounded by so many young lovelies (I have often wondered if there are any girls over 25 in Pattaya), how can we compete?
    • The only difference was he had a legion of lovelies in tow, who spoke in hushed tones of Simon being ‘quietly confident’.
    • And there were more than a few of those lovelies gathered to honor the designer.
    • ‘Hello lovelies,’ croons Carrie into the shop window, addressing a perfect pair of pink and green shoes.
    • I lived in Southampton for years and that was wall-to-wall lovelies.
    • The luscious lovelies were to play a pivotal role in the ensuing drama.
    • Even odder than the choice of sci-fi lovelies is the choice of episodes.
    • Oh, my lovelies, if only I could talk about my job.
    • Conway is busy wrestling with the amorous attentions of a couple of lovelies.
    • It doesn't contain any bug-eyed monsters, bearded Zen masters or bouffanted, Lycra-clad lovelies.
    • I've taken up going to the gym on a regular basis, and not just to stare at the nubile lovelies.
    • And the 26-year-old soon had a stream of scantily-clad lovelies vying for his attention.
    • At a recent party at the Playboy mansion, rather than chatting up the busty lovelies, he spent the whole evening talking to his idol, a San Francisco Giants baseball player.
    • Backed by besuited lovelies Ferry next sang the suitably raunchy ‘Can't Let Go’.
    • Sinuous and scented lovelies shimmered about.
    • I'll try and post again tomorrow my lovelies, but things are absolutely hectic in work so at the moment, so you never know…
    • He was with 10 friends who were all eyeing a succession of naked lovelies when one girl approached the celebrity and suggested they drink some shots together.
    • So, until I'm back my lovelies, until Tuesday when I'm sat at my desk, tired, flat and wishing I'd finished the marketing flier before I'd left, until then have a lovely, lovely weekend.
    • I called over the girl that was hovering around, protecting all the lovelies in that corner of the room.
    • The three lovelies were bereft of canteen, maps, sleeping gear, and even food, as they trudged into God's country with only their beauty and their image to protect them.
    • Will the tiara that has graced Sligo's lovelies for 14 years be made redundant with a new one from this year's organisers taking its place?
    • He has saved the world from nuclear destruction and chemical warfare, bedded an endless stream of lovelies and made himself Scotland's best known cinematic export.
    • Perhaps they are perturbed by reports of young people recklessly taking the day off work to join The Sun's bikini-clad lovelies on beaches around the country.