Traducción de low-pitched en Español:


grave, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈloʊ ˈˌpɪtʃt///


  • 1

    (voice/note) grave
    • They point to research showing that manatees cannot hear the low-pitched sound of slow-moving boats and thus avoid approaching vessels.
    • He had a low-pitched nicker that touched my heart.
    • One was a high-pitched sound that resembled a doorbell while the other was a low-pitched sound that gradually increased in pitch.
    • Some of the sounds are so low-pitched they aren't audible to human ears.
    • A strange low-pitched choked hiss came from behind the huge ornately carved seat back.
    • He has a low-pitched, persuasive voice that can spin quite a spell over the listener when he's pitching a story and has probably done severe damage to many a publisher's budget in its time.
    • The loud, piercing scream echoed through the large reanimation chamber deep within the halls of Morgan's underground compound, overwhelming the scientists working there with its low-pitched cry.
    • If sound were involved, that would be fast enough to produce a low-pitched hum.
    • The noise the twister made was a loud, low-pitched rumble.
    • I looked at the receiver when I pulled it away from my ear, then slammed it down on the body causing it to vibrate with a low-pitched hum.
    • I kneeled on the ground and let out a low-pitched whistle.
    • Our evolutionary fear of certain sounds, such as low-pitched sounds indicating aggression or high-pitched screeches indicating alarm-calls, has been with us for thousands of years.
    • His voice was low-pitched, but the wind carried his words back to the patio.
    • During the fight, the voice is low-pitched, shouting out as we attack.
    • Around it two burly men sat, talking in a low-pitched tone.
    • The girl's grip on her crystal tightened when she replied with a low-pitched voice, ‘Yes?’
    • Once far enough she let out a low-pitched whistle, one she spent a whole summer perfecting.
    • Her voice was pleasantly low-pitched and sultry.
    • Is it a high-pitched ringing or a low-pitched hum?
    • His voice was low-pitched, self-assured, altogether a man's voice, the sort of man who was master of his own affairs.
  • 2

    (roof) de poca pendiente
    • The roof is low-pitched and small dormer windows are sometimes used.
    • The low-pitched roof form was sufficiently high to enable the inclusion of a first-floor cooking school, which overlooks the centre spine.
    • My baseball cap kept the rain out of my face as I worked at the low-pitched roof.
    • Both buildings have low-pitched roofs and overhanging eaves supported by brackets that are typical of the style.
    • This home's low-pitched, tiled roof is the hallmark of the Mediterranean style.
    • This material is also excellent for use on low-pitched roofs in areas such as porches, sunrooms and shed dormers, and as additional protection in valleys and other particularly vulnerable areas.
    • It is cropped close to the low-pitched gable roof of a ranch house where a mysterious figure enclosed in the oval medallion floats by.
    • The timbered house is long and low, with a relatively low-pitched thatched roof.