Traducción de low-pressure en Español:


de baja presión, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˌləʊˈprɛʃə/


  • 1

    (cylinder/compressor) de baja presión
  • 2

    (area) de bajas presiones
    • At the same time the cold air moving southwards behind the low-pressure centre is losing height.
    • If we get low pressure, a west wind and a spring tide the flooding will occur again.
    • Light-ice years are associated with more low-pressure activity in the East Siberian Sea.
    • During the summer season, a center of low pressure develops over the western part of India because of the intense heating of the landmass, while high pressure develops over the relatively cool Indian Ocean.
    • The first thing is, remember, a hurricane is just an area of extremely low pressure, and there's a lot of circulation around that center of low pressure.