Traducción de low-ranking en Español:


de baja graduación, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌləʊˈræŋkɪŋ/


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    (officer) de baja graduación
    (official) subalterno
    • However, low-ranking birds appear to experience much lower overall reproductive success in disturbed habitat than in undisturbed habitat.
    • The nine soldiers convicted in the Abu Ghraib scandal have all been low-ranking Reservists.
    • In four cases, females paired to low-ranking males had extrapair copulations with high-ranking neighbors.
    • Some Democrats have accused the Pentagon of foisting all the blame on to low-ranking soldiers.
    • In the war itself he was a low-ranking South Vietnamese officer.
    • Consequently, high-ranking females recruit more offspring to the age of sexual maturity than do low-ranking females.
    • Courtney was too low-ranking to be worth the Russians investing in.
    • Consequently, most low-ranking gang members hold low paying legitimate sector jobs in addition to selling drugs for the gang.
    • In each instance, the mother was a low-ranking female who had given birth to male twins.
    • Thus, the superior nutrition available to high-ranking mothers may allow them to be more successful than low-ranking mothers at raising twins or daughters.
    • I don't think Secretary Rumsfeld is going to appear in a court for a trial for some low-ranking member of the military, no.
    • His empowerment story of rising from a low-ranking cop to an IRS officer may further strengthen the very premise of the reservation policy.
    • Most of the theories about his identity focus on low-ranking or already disgraced policemen.
    • In olive baboons, two lower ranking males sometimes form a team to gain access to estrous females.
    • Only a low ranking official was sent to greet him at the airport.
    • The fifth extrapair copulation involved an experimentally manipulated female who copulated with a low-ranking male.
    • Among primates, high social rank affects the rate of pubertal development, with high-ranking females maturing more quickly than low-ranking females.
    • At the top are high-ranking lineages, followed by low-ranking lineages.
    • Having demonstrated the importance they attach to world famine by the low-ranking delegations, Western governments used the conference to propagate their own agenda.
    • Her family was low-ranking in the byzantine system of social controls in place in North Korea.