Traducción de lox en Español:


salmón ahumado, n.

Pronunciación /lɑks//lɒks/



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    salmón ahumado masculino
    • No. And then I started to have fruit and then there was this one fantasy I've been having the whole time which was a lox and cream cheese bagel.
    • Or you can start with all the fixings for bagels and lox: plentiful smoked salmon, lemon wedges, capers, thinly sliced onion and a bowl of cloud-like cream cheese.
    • Cody took a deep breath of lox, pastrami, and salami.
    • Brunch can mean just about anything to your date, though, from an English muffin with butter to Nova Scotia lox on a bagel with a side of caviar and a pitcher of mimosas.
    • When I was a kid, it was possible to get real lox on a real bagel in a real deli, even in New Hampshire.
    • Top with jam, peanut butter, almond butter, low fat cottage cheese, light cream cheese or lox.
    • She asked the waiter to bring her a bagel, lox and cream cheese because she thought that's what Hollywood people ate - and a coffee to show Robby how grown up she was.
    • Later, enjoy half a glass of calcium-fortified OJ with a whole-wheat bagel topped with fat-free cream cheese, lox, sprouts and a thick tomato slice.
    • Bagels with cream cheese and lox in Los Angeles take me back to early Sunday mornings in a small bakery in Toronto and learning to be Jewish.
    • It was like Thanksgiving, except it was lox instead of turkey.
    • My religious and ethnic identification consisted of fund-raising for Jewish causes, Israeli dancing and Sunday brunch: bagels and lox.
    • I had just knocked off three bagels and lox with cream cheese, and washed em down with four cups of very strong coffee.
    • The first model to tell us ‘this whole no-carb thing is ridiculous’ downs three meals and three snacks a day, including lox on a bagel and eggs in the morning and steak or chicken at night.
    • He'd eat the lox and cream cheese, gnaw on the bagel innards, and leave the bagel shells on the floor.
    • All the anecdotes were new to us, the creaking chair-bound jokes fresh as this morning's lox.
    • For example, I had the Benedict Florentine: Poached eggs, spinach, in champagne-shallot-orange hollandaise sauce over lox and a crust of brioche.
    • One of the best things a houseguest ever did for me was go out after a huge party I had and bring back a bag of bagels and lox and cream cheese and capers to mitigate the hangover.
    • You could throw in some lox, but that'd probably put you over ten dollars.
    • This Sunday, I plan on consuming more bagels, cream cheese with lox, and coffee.
    • The two funniest parts of the day were watching Wendell snatch and devour miniature bagels with lox.