Traducción de loyalty card en Español:

loyalty card

tarjeta de fidelidad, n.



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    tarjeta de fidelidad femenino
    • Combine your cashback card with a supermarket loyalty card to earn even greater rewards.
    • A British cosmetic surgery clinic is offering loyalty card discounts to repeat customers.
    • Your supermarket loyalty card - it just sits there in your purse or wallet, silently recording everything you buy, occasionally rewarding you with just enough points and prizes to keep you taking it to the shops.
    • Then when they ask me ‘Do you have a loyalty card?’
    • Finally, why not use a cashback credit card with your loyalty card to earn up to 2% more on top?
    • If you have a supermarket loyalty card, you can stop using it.
    • He failed this year but had enough points on his loyalty card to survive.
    • Running a loyalty card program is big business, and often incurs heavy administrative costs.
    • In a sense therefore, in using a loyalty card a shopper exchanges their privacy for a discount on their shopping.
    • Consider the detailed information that every loyalty card user volunteers to the store.
    • I know more information is held on an individual than ever before, whether it is on a supermarket loyalty card or on a mailing list, but combine all the information together on one card and it's frightening what somebody could do with it.
    • And it's not just the popular loyalty card scheme that lures them.
    • Are credit cards and loyalty cards useful financial tools or are they just an invitation to a financial nightmare?
    • Every time you use a supermarket loyalty card, or switch on cable TV or access your favourite website, someone somewhere is monitoring you.
    • But what makes customer loyalty cards an effective tool in the campaign to inspire true loyalty?
    • The prices have gone up in line with the budget approach to protect front line services, but the loyalty card offers an even better discount than before.
    • I am not concerned that my loyalty card enables credit card companies and supermarkets to analyse my buying habits.
    • He's already tried the loyalty card with foundation hospitals, but it isn't working any more.
    • Thousands of supermarkets across the country have been offering loyalty cards to their customers for years.
    • It will launch its Advantage loyalty card in stores tomorrow and aims to get 250,000 customers signed up by Christmas.