Traducción de Luddite en Español:


ludita, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlədˌaɪt//ˈlʌdʌɪt/


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    ludita masculino
    • To escape from this Luddite movement, three Nottingham craftsmen managed to smuggle their lace machines out of England and establish a machine-made lace trade in the northern port town of Calais, France.
    • The Luddites of the years 1811-16, though chiefly concerned with machine-breaking, were thought to have a political dimension, and required an army of spies, informers, and troops to contain and transport them.
    • In the early 19th-century, a large number of English mechanics banded together to begin a group known as the Luddites.
    • People should go after these awful voting machines like the Luddites went after automated weaving machines: with sledgehammers.
    • Of course, the historical Luddites were neither childish nor naive.
    • However, Greece's far left and far right are minority movements fighting a rearguard and futile battle, not unlike the Luddites who in centuries past quixotically battled industrialization.
    • This became an organised uprising, known as the Luddite rebellion.
    • Two centuries ago as industrialisation got underway, the former would have been Luddites, trashing factory machines; the latter the embryonic labour movement.
    • Beginning with the Luddites, who smashed machinery in British textile mills in the 1810s, she traces literary, artistic and philosophical expressions of antitechnological thought up to the present.
    • The smashing of machinery, the so-called Luddite movement in which the struggles of the working class first were manifested, appeared initially in England in the 1770s.
    • One of the points he touched on was how the design of mill buildings changed with the advent of the Luddites and machine-wreckers of the early nineteenth century.
    • Byron's only speech to the House of Lords was a defence of the Luddite rebels.
    • Eventually the Luddite bands were tracked down and the reputed leaders executed or transported.
    • The Luddites and other pockets of citizens took that path.
    • Offshoring to cheaper labor locations is just a step short of automating jobs - and the responses from protectionists seem similar to those of Luddites from years past.
    • Perceval, the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated, was known for his repression of the Luddites, so maybe his descendant was following in his footsteps to some extent.
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    (opponent of new technology)
    ludita femenino