Traducción de luggage en Español:


equipaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˈləɡɪdʒ//ˈlʌɡɪdʒ/


  • 1

    equipaje masculino
    • The last day we bought some more things to take back home and were again heavily loaded with luggage.
    • Jake, the limo driver, loaded their luggage in the trunk then got into the drivers seat.
    • The potential weapons were carried in clothing or stuffed into luggage.
    • One of the women was seen carrying luggage and climbing into a car with two men.
    • There was a warm breeze and she found all her luggage packed and ready to go.
    • When it comes to carrying luggage, pack all your bags, no matter how much space they occupy.
    • My cousin went to open the trunk of the car and I helped the suitcase man wrap the luggage in a large plastic bag.
    • Posting it would cost half as much again as its purchase price, so she casually slings it in her luggage.
    • So you have the choice: five people and luggage, or seven of you travelling luggage-free.
    • Strewn on the tarmac in front of the airplane is luggage and cargo from the plane.
    • The bag was discovered among luggage from the commuter trains lost after the attacks.
    • The young woman's luggage was packed in apparent readiness to travel to California.
    • She made her way uncomfortably past the piles of luggage to grab her own bags.
    • His luggage, on every journey, is filled with tokens of the land, and people he had visited.
    • Hoops have also been added to luggage racks to prevent luggage being thrown around.
    • After the breakfast we went outside where the carriage was waiting with my luggage on the back.
    • Shane said he thought that it would be safer to hang onto the tape of the demo tracks rather than leave it in his luggage.
    • He wanted a car small enough to thread through city streets, yet big enough to take three people and their luggage.
    • We explain that we are a large group, with many people, and much luggage.
    • That's why in all my travels my luggage has ever been stolen, nor has anything ever been stolen from it.