Traducción de lumberjack en Español:


leñador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈləmbərˌdʒæk//ˈlʌmbədʒak/


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    leñador masculino
    • We have two professional lumberjacks competing in many of the events of the Old-Time Lumberjacks.
    • Were he not clean-shaven with slicked back dark brown hair, and had he been wearing spiked hiking boots, the large man would look like a lumberjack fresh from the forest.
    • I have about as much finesse when it comes to romance as a lumberjack has when cutting down a tree.
    • In less than twenty years, he predicted, the apparently ‘inexhaustible’ pine forests of lower Michigan would disappear under the lumberman's axe, and no cry for conservation was likely to have any effect.
    • There were a lot of lumberjacks to cut down trees and export them to England.
    • By looking at how and why reforestation failed, we can better understand the motivations driving the foresters and lumbermen, and begin to understand their conceptions of the forest as a whole.
    • There was a lumberjack who was sawing a tree, and the tree fell on his leg.
    • This will thoroughly anger the lumberjack, and he will take it out on the tree with his chainsaw.
    • Local lumbermen notify him when they discover a log with curly maple effects or if they find a large burl such as the one shown here and in the earlier article.
    • After the vast forests of New England, Pennsylvania, and Ohio had been logged, lumbermen set their sights on Minnesota, home of some of the last large stands of unexploited forest east of the Rockies.
    • After the violent clearing of people from the Scottish Highlands to make room for sheep, many Highlanders were forced to migrate to Canada to work as lumberjacks or were recruited into the British army to fight in the new colonies.
    • The chunks of wood, frequent curves, and low water levels wreaked havoc on canoeists; French-Canadian lumberjacks also cursed the river, as their fresh-cut logs frequently became stranded while floating downstream.
    • Both guys come from families of real lumberjacks and they often compete in lumberjack competitions.
    • It was a natural transfer of skills from home, as was their work as lumberjacks in the forests of northern Wisconsin and Minnesota.
    • Farmers and lumbermen settled this valley in the 1870s and '80s, and today the town still feels a world away from sprawling suburbia.
    • The first paintball markers were used by timber cruisers and lumbermen to mark the trees selected for harvesting or cutting.
    • With no new forested frontiers available, lumbermen turned to the national forests for logs.
    • For many generations, my forefathers have been lumbermen, loggers and mill workers.
    • The lumberman decided to to quit the lumber camp immediately and hit the trail as fast as he could.
    • During the ensuing two decades, lumbermen went on to clear-cut the majority of the timber in the Smokies.