Traducción de lumpish en Español:


torpe, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləmpɪʃ//ˈlʌmpɪʃ/



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    patoso España coloquial
    • The buildings are formed from quite blunt, lumpish volumes, which are then cut and deformed according to an abstract procedure.
    • The style shows its best in New York, but even there it was relatively heavy, lumpish, and derivative.
    • The simplest and most lumpish fungus has a peculiar interest to us, compared with a mere mass of earth, because it is so obviously organic and related to ourselves, however remote.
    • He studied antiquity in immense detail, in search of a basis for reforming modern architecture, which he thought had become lumpish and boring.
    • If he governs according to what he said during the campaign, it will be a lumpish mess at best and could be disaster for the Democratic Party.
    • She feels it hanging round her like a great, lumpish stone.
    • For the kids the knee-jerk tourist products are wooden toys, but they are lumpish, boring objects, unlikely to appeal to any but the most simple-minded of toddlers.
    • Its waiting list is described as ‘very, very long’: it seems that the great and the good of Scotland are anxious to join in whatever goes on in that lumpish piece of neo-classical building in Buccleuch Street known as the Archers' Hall.
    • A vintage white Ambassador - that lumpish fifties-era sedan still found throughout India's hinterland - creeps along within the bright human throng.
    • This potentially lumpish dish was served in a parfait glass, covered in a veil of horseradish cream.
    • There is something cartoonish about him - dangling arms, head that looks like its rolling off his neck, lumpish face and deadpan expression.
    • The hands, however, did no good, for she was scarcely a few feet in the door when she tripped heavily over something large and lumpish, and half face-planted into a wall, legs still tangled in the object she'd tripped over.