Traducción de lungfish en Español:


pez dipneo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈlʌŋfɪʃ//ˈləŋˌfɪʃ/

nombrePlural lungfishes

  • 1

    pez dipneo masculino
    pez pulmonado masculino
    (South American fish) caramuru masculino
    (South American fish) lepidosirena femenino
    • Among vertebrates, only the cartilaginous fishes, lungfishes and amphibians (especially salamanders) possess exceptionally large C-values.
    • This looks a little like a lungfish and is half fish, half eel shaped.
    • The ray-fins include the thousands of familiar sport and commercial fishes, but of the lobe-fins, only eight species survive, six lungfishes and two coelacanths.
    • There are five hypaxial muscles in both the African and South American lungfishes.
    • Freshwater types continued to flourish, including the rhizodonts and lungfish.
    • A third group of fishes, the lungfishes or fishes that can breathe on land, survive today as freshwater fishes in Queensland.
    • Tetrapods are part of a larger groups called Sarcopterygii, which also includes several groups of lobe-finned fish, such as lungfish and the coelacanth.
    • Compare with the lungfish, another example of living fossil.
    • The fins are very flexible and potentially useful for supporting the body on land, as in lungfish and tetrapods.
    • Although the molecules function at high oxygen concentrations in sharks, lungfishes, and even tetrapods, they are most efficient at releasing oxygen in those conditions in codfish and other modern fish.
    • The lungfish use lungs as accessory breathing organs, and during droughts modern forms can survive for several years in burrows.
    • Tetrapods, whose closest living relatives are lungfish, have two main groups: amphibians and amniotes.
    • The data set included sequences of genes from mammals, birds, amphibians, coelacanths, lungfishes, ray-finned fishes, and cartilaginous fishes.
    • In the handful of cases currently available for animals, namely lungfishes, amphibians, and conodonts, long-term stasis was found to be the rule.
    • These include lungfish, Arapaima, tambaqui, piranha, Hydrolycus, and goliath and pirarara catfishes.
    • Tiktaalik would have breathed like a lungfish, says Clack, senior assistant curator at Cambridge's University Museum of Zoology.
    • Today lungs are found not only in land vertebrates but also in a few obscure fish lineages, such as gar, bichir, and lungfish.
    • He grumbled, rapidly crawling ahead at a rate I'd never have expected to see in a land-adapted fish, be it a walking catfish or a lungfish.
    • But in coelacanths, lungfishes and some primitive sharks, the transformation of notochord into a segmented bony vertebral column does not take place.
    • Long shots for the title include caviar-producing sturgeon, goliath Amazon catfish, giant lungfish, razor-toothed gars, massive cods, and Mongolian salmon.