Traducción de lurk en Español:


merodear, v.

Pronunciación /lərk//ləːk/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (thief/murderer/spy) merodear
    (thief/spy/murderer) acechar
    danger lurks in every alleyway el peligro acecha en todas las callejuelas
    • to lurk around / about merodear
    • They planned their attack for when we all came back from Vivienne's funeral, lurking in wait in our respective rooms.
    • Trolling a large lure in mid-river was the undoing of the monster predator that was lurking in the deep section
    • We cut through open remains of stern cabins, the galley and engine room, working up to the wheelhouse, where a large grouper lurks behind the remains of the steering binnacle.
    • He could feel creatures all around him, lurking, waiting to sink their teeth and claws into his flesh.
    • Surprises and plotters lurk along the road ahead waiting to ambush him.
    • He kept toward the centre of the street-like corridors and avoided getting too close to the alleys, who knew what predator lurked in the darkness?
    • As the name of the bay suggests, tiger sharks lurk nearby, waiting for opportune times to attack.
    • Men were lurking around here, waiting for a cute lady to walk by.
    • It was all too easy to imagine one saw the gleam of metal as Rim troops lurked in ambush.
    • And the truth was, the photographer might have been lurking about waiting for such a photograph.
    • Criminals, terrorists and sexual predators seem to be lurking around every corner.
    • In the case of the Kalundu killing, the assailants must have been lurking in the vicinity waiting for their victim.
    • Until Sasquatch was cornered, Santee would lurk in the background waiting to strike.
    • Whatever it was out there amongst the ferns, he didn't know, but it was lurking, waiting.
    • I guess it's always been there, lurking, waiting for the occasion to show up.
    • Deer love to play by the sides of the roads, waiting and lurking for the unsuspecting car to travel by.
    • A grove of crotons became a magical jungle where snakes and other exotic creatures lurked, waiting to pounce.
    • Eyes lurked in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike.
    • They always lurk behind me, waiting with their jaws open, licking their lips.
    • The killer could have been lurking in the shadows, watching them.
  • 2

    (be hidden)
    any lurking doubts were soon allayed pronto se disiparon las dudas que aún quedaban
    • tension lurks beneath the city's calm hay tensiones latentes bajo la calma de la ciudad