Traducción de lustre en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈləstər//ˈlʌstə/



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    • Notice the skeletal fingers of the trees stretching upward, as if they could regain their lost luster if only they could reach the sun.
    • Part of the craft of the painter consists in producing the appearance of film colours and volume colours, of lustre or glow or luminosity, by means of pigments which do not in fact have these qualities.
    • If your hair is light in colour, grey or curly, a shine product can add lustre and help it look healthy.
    • Both are neatly finished to a pleasing soft luster.
    • With a soft, gleaming luster that even a little leftover field dust does nothing to hide, tomatoes beckon us to the summer kitchen.
    • Like the princess in a fairy-tale forest, she'd free the jewel from its stinging enchantment, quickly polish it to high luster, then royally present it.
    • The colours are softer and the images lose some of their luster, especially in comparison to the small studies.
    • Excited young women are whispering around a woman whose eyes glow with a bright lustre.
    • The golden ceiling is artificially lit from below, so it glows with a gentle lustre.
    • The gun was a deep gray luster, perfectly polished and never used.
    • It is a world of glamour whose shine and lustre Seidl rubs away.
    • Natural fibers provide soft, low luster colors, long term performance and other aesthetic qualities
    • I applied five coats of finish and then used steel wool to produce a soft, non-reflective luster.
    • But Mühlemann is clearly pushing hard to restore the group's lost luster.
    • I could not relate the time now but my original gold case and lettering regained its lustre from being burnished on a sweetly scented sleeve.
    • It spreads the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair luster and vibrancy.
    • We know that democracy is a jewel that must be polished constantly to maintain its luster.
    • He glanced at her and noted that she seemed sexier than ever, more curvaceous, her hair of stronger lustre, her eyes more vivid.
    • From my vantage point, this is journalism's golden age - we just have a hard time detecting its luster because golden ages always shine more brightly from a distance.
    • His plans were bold and fiery, and his conceptions glowed with barbaric lustre.