Traducción de lusty en Español:


sano, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈləsti//ˈlʌsti/

adjetivolustier, lustiest

  • 1

    (person) sano
    (person) lozano
    he has a lusty appetite tiene muy buen apetito
    • Another chimpanzee to join the ranks of the walking wounded was the lusty young Nile.
    • Dan will wear a Ball gown and sing a lusty version of Marilyn's ‘I Call Your Name’.
    • Holiday romances will be particularly energetic, but even long-term partners will experience a lusty flush of new love.
    • When mission was accomplished, Julian led the rest of the team in a lusty rendition of ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Us’.
    • Strong, full of life, intelligent and lusty, he overwhelms the screen with his regal presence.
    • After each of the acts lusty applause followed from the crowd.
    • Five cylinders instead of the rivals' six, but this is still a lusty, lively, quiet and quality-exuding car.
    • She also reaches the centre of a woman who is deeply vulnerable beneath the hardy, lusty 16th Century exterior.
    • How could the Teddy Bears fail with such lusty backing?
    • In those days, you got a lusty roar of animal brutality from the crowd.
    • Before the men's singles final began, a lusty chorus of Waltzing Matilda turned Wimbledon Centre Court into an Aussie outpost.
    • Despite her ‘studious and reserved’ manner she has quite a lusty voice.
    • I think the healthy, lusty movement we all had at Henry Street was because we walked every day.
    • Bob enjoys his current role swinging on the keyboard and singing his lusty songs.
    • I thought that was the point, all lusty, hearty boys together at sea.
    • His acting skills have never been strong, but Peter has made his name through pure lusty action.
    • I'd gone to Australia for the final act, thrown myself into the requisite lusty self-destruction, the absence of care.
    • I have no excuse but a lusty eye and a belly full of Dutch courage.
    • Imagine those choruses of lusty male voices singing The Internationale on the soundtrack.
    • So, all of you, sing a happy, lusty rendition of Happy Birthday for me and then belly up to the bar!