Traducción de machine washable en Español:

machine washable

lavable a máquina, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑʃəbəl//məˈʃin ˈwɔʃəbəl/


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    lavable a máquina
    • It is totally machine washable and dryer safe, it stays put, it's as soft as flannel and it comes in kicky prints like leopard and rose petal.
    • After a day of self-conscious wear I finally relax into the idea of a better fitting bra - you can't feel the insert and the bra is machine washable.
    • Get one that's machine washable - and then wash it regularly.
    • It would be very nice if they were machine washable.
    • The hats are machine washable and carry a Sun Protection Factor of 50-plus.
    • This flammable material disintegrates when subjected to drycleaning solvents, but is machine washable and dryable, nontoxic and can withstand the heat of a medium-hot iron.
    • And one of the great things about the clothes is that they are all machine washable: even the fleece tops.
    • You'll want to add several to your bedding collection because they are reasonably priced yet high quality and fully machine washable.
    • A mix of trendy and traditional styles is available and the entire range is made from machine washable, minimum-iron fabrics with many featuring tough Teflon coating.
    • The jeans are machine washable, but only once you've removed the iPod, you hopeless dolt.
    • All the new fabrics are machine washable and many are strategically vented for comfort.
    • Set on easy rolling and lockable wheels, the Sleepi includes a cover-all top mattress, a second mattress, a cover and moisture barrier sheet, all of which are machine washable and suitable for spin drying.
    • Most acrylic fake furs are machine washable in cold water.
    • The sheets and pillow cases are machine washable.
    • While you might really like the color and style of a specific fabric, you need to make sure that it is machine washable.
    • So I took the completely soaked in blanket out of the machine… it went swoosh and nearly flooded the laundry room… but I read the label and it DID say it was machine washable!
    • They appeal to whoever does the washing because they are machine washable and require no ironing!
    • Pillows (if not encased) and stuffed toys should be machine washable synthetic and should be washed in hot water at least monthly.
    • It is machine washable and offered in sizes S - 4XL.
    • The problem with metallics, however, is that they can't be dry-cleaned, nor are these hand-crafted costumes machine washable.