Traducción de mad cow disease en Español:

mad cow disease

encefalopatía espongiforme bovina, n.


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    encefalopatía espongiforme bovina femenino
    • No one knew in advance that feeding livestock rendered meat and bone meal would cause an epidemic of mad cow disease, but it did.
    • BSE, or mad cow disease, arose after cows were fed the remains of animal tissue.
    • Government vets are investigating a case of mad cow disease in an animal born after the implementation of strict control measures to curb the disease.
    • Some 4,000 cattle in two herds remain in quarantine because of the concerns about mad cow disease.
    • They have said they can't rule out the possibility that mad cow disease can be transmitted from mother to calf.
    • To the best of our knowledge, there have been no documented cases of mad cow disease on organic farms in Europe with closed herds.
    • A farming couple have won the right to appeal against a ban stopping them moving their cattle for slaughter amid fears of mad cow disease.
    • It is not difficult to see that beef reminds you of mad cow disease and chicken reminds you of poultry flu.
    • And researchers are now drawing a bead on prions, the rogue proteins thought to cause mad cow disease.
    • Food scares such as mad cow disease and E. coli contaminations have driven others to choose organics.
    • Like mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease is believed to produce abnormal proteins that gradually destroy brain tissues.
    • Since mad cow disease came along, we have turned on to eating chicken.
    • Hong Kong chicken flu and BSE, or mad cow disease, pose clear health risks to humans.
    • The report is one of the few pieces of good news for farmers after years of drought and a financial crisis prompted by a case of mad cow disease earlier this year.
    • The type of protein that causes mad cow disease can't be removed or destroyed when beef is processed or cooked.
    • As infections go, mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease don't have much in common.
    • The arrival of mad cow disease to this country is heightening concerns.
    • Initial screening called rapid tests indicated the potential for mad cow disease in the three cows.
    • I'd rather have a burger and fries but I can give that up for 2 months if it means I won't get that mad cow disease.
    • There is no test for mad cow disease that can be conducted on live animals.